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REMSA Introduces Program to Assist in Safe Transportation for Children with Special Needs

By ThisIsReno

The Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority’s (REMSA’s) Point of Impact, the community leaders in child passenger safety, has announced the addition of its new program developed to educate parents of children with special health care needs on safe transportation options and provide solutions to address the unique challenges faced by parents and caregivers in transporting special needs children. Whether a child is experiencing a temporary medical condition that requires special transportation considerations or has a permanent medical condition that will present continued transportation challenges, Point of Impact is now available to offer education and solutions.

For children with temporary health needs, Point of Impact will determine whether a standard child car seat will be appropriate, and if not, may provide a special needs loaner seat to use for the duration of the child’s medical condition. For children with permanent needs or disabilities, Point of Impact will recommend car seats appropriate for transporting that child, then assist the parent in obtaining that seat. If necessary, a car seat may be loaned to the family until the special needs car seat arrives.

For parents or caregivers to be eligible for these new services, they must complete a pre-contact/referral form from Point of Impact or their health care provider. Upon completion of the form, a transportation assessment appointment will be made. At the transportation assessment, a program representative will assess the current transportation situation and–based on a number of factors including the child’s medical need–will recommend and discuss one or more car seat options. In addition, the program representative will check car seats for all the family’s children to make sure they are properly used and installed.

Due to high cost of special needs car seats– as much as $700 per seat–Point of Impact is unable to donate these car seats to families at this time, but will assist in locating the seats to be ordered.

Since 1998, REMSA’s Point of Impact Program has helped our community’s children ride more safely by providing parents and caregivers with car seat education and installation services. For additional information, contact Vickie Fisher and -775-858-5700 x6226.

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