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Bestselling Reno Business Author Releases New ‘Rich Dad’ Books


Writing is Garrett Sutton’s side job. But after 12 years, nine published books and a bestselling track record, the Reno attorney and business owner has solidified his national reputation as an insightful business expert.

Sutton has three new business books being released this summer: Run Your Own Corporation will be released nationwide on September 18, but can be pre-ordered now; The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt has been updated and reprinted and was released nationwide on August 21, but can also be pre-ordered now; and a re-printed and updated edition of Buying and Selling a Business was released in June. All three books will be available at national retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and are part of the immensely popular national “Rich Dad” business series.

Run Your Own Corporation is a follow-up to Sutton’s popular Start Your Own Corporation edition. Together, the books give business owners a complete guide to the legal protections, tax strategies and insider information need to make a corporation successful. But the book is written in a very practical manner, approaching the topic from the perspective of a company owner.

“This is law for the layman,” said Sutton of his books’ appeal. “I just wrote what I thought was important as an entrepreneur.”

The book follows three hypothetical corporations through their first five years of business, focusing on common business opportunities and pitfalls corporations encounter.

The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt reveals the strategies for avoiding and overcoming bad debt, as well as using good debt to your advantage. Clearly written and featuring real-life illustrative stories, as well as contributions from Credit Expert Gerri Detweiler, this very useful book provides the necessary knowledge to navigate today’s challenging credit environment.

Buying and Selling a Business is the same practical business guide, delivering letter of agreement templates, negotiation tips, franchise information and an in-depth explanation of valuations and financials.

Sutton draws from deep business experience to pen each edition. A successful entrepreneur, respected Northern Nevada business and investment attorney and a national speaker, Sutton has in-depth, hands-on experience with each business topic he writes about. Sutton is the founder of the Sutton Law Center, part owner of Tahoe Creamery and owner of Corporate Direct. He is one of the founders of Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology and serves on a number of regional and national boards.

Because of his expertise in corporate law, incorporations, and investing, Sutton was hand-chosen by renowned author, business expert and Rich Dad, Poor Dad founder Robert Kiyosaki to be a “Rich Dad Advisor.”


Sutton’s past books have gained widespread acclaim and large readership. Sutton’s “Real Estate Loopholes: Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing” was listed No. 7 on the business bestseller list by Business Week magazine. Many of Sutton’s books have been reprinted numerous times.

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