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Washoe Fire updates and resources


Thank you for following the Washoe Drive Fire story here. There will not be any more updates to this post; we will post news releases from agencies as we receive them.


10:05 For information about road closures and alternate routes, check the Nevada Department of Transportation site.

9:56 Next press conference 9 a.m. tomorrow.

9:51 Pleasant Valley Elementary, Galena High and Depoali Middle School will be closed tomorrow. Damonte High School will be open.

9:48 Sheriff Tom Haley: 395 will remain closed until “we receive information from ‘Fire’ that it’s safe to go in there.” To do this, Nevada National Guard personnel will be posted at every road that enters 395 in the burn area.

9:44 Power has been restored where evacuation has been lifted.

9:41 Stats: 3,700 acres burned. Several hundred acres of hot spots. More than 20 structures burned. One fatality; not confirmed to be directly from the fire.

9:40 Chief Hernandez: The fire started in East Lake. The cause remains under investigation.

9:37 Use 2-1-1 for questions about services.

9:35 News conference: Gov. Sandoval says 395 will closed until further notice.

9:30 Evacuation orders lifted for Callahan Ranch Road, Fawn Lane, Galena Country Estates, Montreux, Mount Rose area from Killington to Thomas Creek and St. James Village. Check the Washoe County site for the latest evacuation information.

9:24 Red flag warning until 10 pm. Wind advisory until 4 a.m. Via KOLOTV.com.

9:19 Est. at 3,800 acres burned.

9:11 395 likely to be closed again tomorrow.

9:05 Contact Red Cross at 775.856.1000 for more info on special hotel rates and vouchers for evacuees.

8:52 according to Washoe County, current road closures include: US 395 at Mt. Rose Highway to Eastlake Blvd; Eastlake Blvd., and portions of Mt. Rose Highway

Fire Chief Hernandez just said the forward progress of the #washoefire has been stopped.
1/19/12 8:37 PM

8:39 Latest forecast for Reno

8:35 Fire press conference to happen in less than an hour. Scheduled for 9:30 local time.

8:33 Updated Washoe County fire perimeter map.

8:22 Washoe County reporting that the fire evacuation area encompasses 5,900 people, not the 10,000 that is being claimed just about everywhere right now.

8:20 Sierra Front Fire release

8:17 RGJ gallery of 100 fire photos

7:56 From US Forest Service California (@R5_Fire_News) “Safe travels CA strike teams @AlamedaCoFire @ContraCostaFire others headed to #washoefire @CalEMA Mobilzaton of addtnl USFS resources Fri”

7:50 Reminder: Fire Perimeter Map (as of 5:30)

7:40 According to the Cosumnes Fire Department near Elk Grove, Calif., they are sending units over the Sierra to help on the fire.

7:35 Hotel room update: CalNeva – Free to those affected, Sands – $15, Circus Circus – $19, Victorian Inn Sparks – Free. All prices plus tax.

7:32 KRNV is reporting no school at Galena High tomorrow.

7:27 Still no word on closing schools tomorrow. As of now, Pleasant Valley Elementary is closed. The rest of WCSD is scheduled to run.

7:23 From Governor Sandoval: “If you are affected and need information about the #washoefire you can call 775-337-5800 or 211.”

7:22 Ryan here. I don’t have nearly the resources Bob has, so I hope I can do this some justice.

7:15 Bob’s going to try to head home through Fernley. Jim and/or Ryan will take over. Look for a podcast maybe.

6:52 Press conference moved back to 9:30 pm, via Washoe County media release

6:50 Two weeks ago KOLOTV covered me (Bob) talking about a winter wildfire warning.

6:49 RGJ 6:35 update: 395 through Washoe Valley still closed.

6:43 KOLOTV weather reporting wind has died down significantly, beginning to rain.

6:41 Washoe Fire press conference at Depoali Middle School, 9 pm.

6:39 Boomtown offering $29 rate for those affected by fire, via @KRNV

6:34 Western Village in Sparks offering $19 rooms to those affected by fire.

6:33 Montreaux to be evacuated, according to KOLOTV reporting.

6:26 RGJ posted Washoe County’s fire map.

6:23 RGJ 6 pm update

6:22 “entire hill behind Galena HS on fire.” OLooney on Twitter

6:21 Traffic backed up at Wedge Pkwy, according to KOLOTV reporting

6:20 Traffic backed up “going down mt rose towards 395. Hwy close for traffic west at 395. Traffic diverting to arrowcreek pkwy at Chevron.” @Olooney on Twitter

6:18 Red Cross Evac. Center is at Damonte Ranch high school, 10500 Rio Wrangler Parkway. Look for Red Cross signs. — Info. from Red Cross news release

6:16 Citizen photo of the fire: https://twitter.com/#!/Jake_Rich/status/160183472021966849/photo/1

6:13 RGJ fire map has been updated.

6:07 “Pleasant Valley Elementary School is closed tomorrow, the only school closed, according to Washoe County School District.” — KOLOTV on Facebook

6:06 “National Guard contacted Geothermal operator Ormat about safety of Hydrocarbons on site. Operator is confident they are safe. ” via Ky Plaskon on Twitter.

6:05 New pic from KRNV on Facebook

6:04 Traffic on Mt. Rose highway at a standstill. Flames on the side of the road, according to reports from KOLOTV and Twitter.

6:02 More than 75 fire photos at RGJ.

5:58 Washoe County’s official estimated perimeter map (PDF file): http://www.washoecounty.us/repository/files/1/washoe_dr_fire_1730_handout.pdf

5:57 KOLOTV’s list of resources: http://www.kolotv.com/home/headlines/Places_for_Displaced_Familes_from_Washoe_Fire_137718198.html?=refresh

5:56 84 MPH wind gusts when the fire started, according to KOLO TV

5:50: List of boarding options for pets via KRNV: http://www.mynews4.com/news/local/story/List-of-boarding-options-for-pets/BICS1a-gHUqggM5LoEwZ2w.cspx

5:48 “All stories” over at the RGJ.

5:46 “Light rain falling in Reno. Come on rain, snow. put out that fire.#washoefire” — SandraChereb

5:40 City of Reno webcam http://reno.gov/Index.aspx?page=1532

5:35 Pic from Clint Jolly from the VC foothills: https://path.com/p/4Cz0aL

5:33 “At least 9 buildings burned,” according to KTVN

5:31: CONFIRMED: The #washoefire has burned through the north part of Washoe Lake State Park, near the NDF plant/tree nursery.

5:22 Grand Sierra Resort offering $25 rooms for evacuees, according to news release.

5:21 About 80-100 extra fire crews coming in from out of state. 1,000 structures have been saved. No official count on lost structures.

5:20 RGJ update at 5:16.

5:19 Fire is heading heading toward Galena High School, creeping up Mt. Rose area.

5:18 Livestock roaming free in area.

5:18 Stay away from scene.

5:18 About 2,000 without power. Stay away from downed power lines.

5:17 “Firefighters in the heat of battle. Will fight through most of the night.”

5:16 RPD providing emergency services, calls for service in Washoe County.

5:15 “Stay out of area.” — Simon.

5:14 Katy Simon, Wash. County Mgr., “a very complex event, very active.”

5:13 235 firefighters on scence

5:12 ~3,000+ acres, 4,000 evacuated, zero containment.

5:10 “Fire continues to grow.”

5:10 City and county also issues emergency declarations.

5:10 No official structure count until mid-morn. tomorrow.

5:10 4,000 people evacuated.

5:07: est. at 3,000, zero containment “In the thick of battle,” Reno Fire Chief

5:06: Press conf. begins.

5:05 Washoe Fire press conference is being moved to Damonte Ranch HS-start time will be posted when available. #washoefire per KTVN

5:01 Galena High press conf. canceled.

5:00 “Flames at least 50 feet high,” — caller to KOLO.

4:58 Rick Saake fire pix on Facebook.

4:56: Rolling HIlls area is also being evacuated due to #washoefire per Guy Clifton

4:55 Amodei visiting scene tomorrow a.m.: http://amodei.house.gov/press-release/washoe-fire-update-445-pm

4:54 Photo of fire a citizen: http://twitpic.com/89b4yx

4:53 The Rolling Hills subdivision behind Galena High School is now being evacuated #WashoeFire, per Washoe Sheriff

4:52 For updated emergency information on #WashoeFire visit http://www.washoecounty.us/index/emergency.html, per WashoeSheriff

4:50 Galena High School may need to be evacuated, per KOLOTV. Stay tuned for press conf. info.

4:49 Expecting 3-4 feet of snow in Sierra tonight.

4:47: Full Text of Sandoval release:



CARSON CITY, NV – At 4:40 pm this afternoon, Governor Brian Sandoval, under his constitutional and statutory authority, made a state declaration of emergency which qualifies local governments for federal assistance associated with this event. The National Guard is on standby at the request of Sandoval and Washoe County. California has also provided fire assistance as part of a Governor to Governor agreement with Jerry Brown.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been and are being affected by this fire,” Sandoval said. “Declaring a state of emergency ensures that every resource from the local, state and federal level is available to assist. The Nevada Division of Forestry and the Department of Public Safety have also engaged with local responders.”

Additionally, Nevada has been approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG). As a result, Nevada is eligible for up to 75% funding assistance for eligible costs. The request was made by the Nevada Division of Forestry on behalf of Washoe County at the onset of the fire.

4:46: Sandoval declares State of Emergency. Full text coming.

4:46 Small animals can be evacuated to Damonte High School (unconfirmed)

4:44 Fires cresting ridge above Galena High School, per KTVN.

4:43 RGJ’s fire map

View Washoe Fire in a larger map

4:36 RGJ update at 4:29, Callahan Ranch Road being evacuated.

4:34 CalNeva offering free rooms with identification proving residence in affected fire area, per KRNV

4:33 ElDorado Facebook page update: “We would like to extend this offer for those affected by the Washoe Fire and needs a place to stay: $29 room rate for anyone affected and a FREE room provided for anyone whose home has been lost due to the fire. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are affected by this fire.”

4:31 three neighborhoods evacuated or are being evacuated.

4:31 KOLO reporting maybe a dozen homes burned and 300-400 acres. This is just an estimate.

4:30 The Summit Mall closing early because of fire.

4:29 Fire spotting because of embers blowing in very high winds.

4:25: Callahan Ranch Road area now being evacuated, per WashoeSheriff

4:25 Sen. Reid makes statement on fire, per KRNV.

4:24 Panoramas of the fire at RGJ.

4:23 4 engines, 2 crews and resources (70 firefighters) coming from Cali.

4:22 Snowing at Kingvale and I-80.

4:19 Washoe County’s website has new information: http://www.washoecounty.us/

4:17 Livestock Events Center has plenty of space for horses, but no food or water. Will hold them for as long as needed.

4:16 Maplewood Stables in Pleasant Valley needs help with horses. Call 849-1849.

4:15 RGJ update at 4 pm.

4:13 UNR classes and event at Redfield campus canceled, per UNR Media.

4:12 firefighters coming to help from Calif. are delayed by snow.

4:09 RTC Reno/Carson bus diverted, according to KOLOTV.

4:408 Report that Virginia City travel is bumper-to-bumper.

4:05 Citizen video of fire:

4:02 Fires on both sides of 395, according to Washoe Sheriff.

4:01 expect at least a 1-hour day going through Fernley, Silver Springs and VC if you’re going from Reno to Carson

4:00 agencies fighting the fire: Nev. Div. of Forestry, Reno Fire, Sierra Fire, BLM.

3:59 Atlantis offering $29 room rate for evacuees.

3:58 VP Biden had to leave talk early today because of fire.

3:57 Any vehicles capable of hauling horses are needed at Lowe’s on Kietzke & McCarran #WashoeFirefrom Washoe Sheriff

3:57 reported but not confirmed: ~300 acres, ~6-8 homes burned.

3:55 County declares state of emergency.

3:54: “We have a $25 rate for anyone affected by the #washoefire. Call 775-356-3300 or come on in” — John Ascuaga’s Nugget.

3:51: Evacuation information inside the 775 area code call 211. Outside the area call 775-337-5800 , per WashoeSheriff.

3:49: KOLOTV’s Ed Pierce reporting live online at kolotv.com.

3:48: Washoe Sheriff will hold 5 pm press conference at Galena High.

3:47: if you have NOT received a reverse-911 phone call your house is NOT being evacuated, according to KOLOTV.com.

3:36: Fire started about 12:45 today, according to KOLOTV.com.

3:44: Citizens willing to volunteer their vehicles to evacuate animals can meet officials at Lowe’s on Kietzke & McCarran, per Washoe Sheriff.

3:43: Living with Fire quick evac. checklist.

3:43: Red Flag fire warning until 10 pm tonight.

3:42: KRNV is reporting 10 homes lost.

3:40 Peppermill is offering to waive resort fees and his allowing pets for evacuees.

3:36: TMCC Redfield campus closing due to smoke, per TMCC_PR

3:36: Mark Amodei reports Reno and DC offices in contact with Gov’s team and FEMA, BLM and USFS.

3:34: smoke is preventing officials from getting a tally of total acres burned, per KRNV.

3:32: RGJ just posted resources and information for residents.

3:30: Travel between Reno and Carson will have to be through VC or Fernley.

3:27: LivingwithFire has an evac. guide: http://livingwithfire.info/duringthefire/index.php

3:26: Photos of the fire via @rgj.

3:25: The Red Cross has opened an evacuation center at Damonte Ranch HS, 10500 Rio Wrangler Pkwy in Reno per Gov. Sandoval.

3:23 update: Reno Livestock Events Center is acting as an evac. center for horses, per KRNV.

3:21 update: Dial 211 for info. on evacuations per Washoe County

3:21 update:
It’s now being called the “Washoe Drive Fire.”

Follow fire updates on Twitter with the #washoefire hashtag.

395 is closed, as is EastLake Blvd. If you need to commute to Carson from Reno or vice versa, you’ll have to go through Virginia City.

A map of the fire by citizen Bryce Leinen is here:

View Washoe Drive Fire (1/19/2012) in a larger map


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