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Businesses step up and raise funds to rehabilitate Downtown Reno



Reno Riverwalk Merchants Association, a coalition of more than 45 businesses located along the Riverwalk in downtown Reno, has stepped up to lead the charge to repair, replace and beautify downtown.

“Everybody benefits from a beautiful downtown river district,” said Matt Polley, Riverwalk Merchants Association President and owner of Java Jungle in downtown Reno.  “The area hosts special events, concerts and builds memories for members of our community.”

Challenging economic times mean city fathers don’t have the budgets to replace the brightly colored flags that grace downtown and have fallen into disrepair.  There are also no funds to re-landscape medians, oversee maintenance, install public art and continue to promote Downtown Reno as a cultural, safe and family-friendly location.

The Riverwalk Merchants provide a core for local artists. This is particularly important because art brings beauty into the world and it makes it a better place. Art has the intrinsic ability to elevate the commonplace.  It lifts viewers beyond the confines of reality into another realm.

Riverwalk merchants will launch a fundraising campaign to help with their beautification program goals. The merchants have also applied for a grant to help with costs.

Projects that need immediate attention will take substantial funding to be successful.  Replacing the 400 brightly colored flags carry an impressive multi-thousand dollar price tag.  Replanting the Wingfield Park flower baskets could cost approximately $250 per basket.

The overgrown and weed infested vegetable garden on West Street needs care and damaged artwork needs to be repaired.

All the funds raised by the Riverwalk Merchants Association will help establish a safer, cleaner and more pleasant downtown area.

To find out how you can help or donate online visit www.renoriver.org or call 775-825-WALK (825-9255).

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