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Be extra cautious and follow a few safety tips



With current winter weather conditions, City of Reno public safety officials offer some important tips and urge area residents to be extra cautious.

“We really want residents to use extra caution when driving, especially during the evening commute,” advises Darrel Ellis, City of Reno Streets Maintenance and Operation Manager. “Some roadways may appear clear or dry but with the low temperatures ice could be bonded to the streets creating a significant hazard.”

With the snow and ice conditions, City of Reno crews will be working split shifts conducting plowing and sanding operations. During a storm event, the City of Reno’s primary objective is to keep major roadways and areas immediately surrounding schools as safe and accessible as possible.

Residents should consider the following, which can assist the Reno Police Department, Public Works, and the Reno Fire Department by doing the following:

  • Limit outings to ones that are necessary. Non-essential errands or travels should be scheduled once the weather is better. Less traffic on the roadways makes it safer for everyone.
  • If travel is necessary, consider alternative routes to avoid less traveled or snow/ice impacted roadways.
  • Decrease driving speeds, keep a safe following distance, allow for extra travel time, and be cautious of roadways with snow drifts, ice, or standing water.
  • Only use 9-1-1 for emergencies.
  • White out conditions may impact traffic signal sensing equipment so be cautious when approaching intersections.
  • When possible, remove all parked vehicles or vehicles that were abandoned during the storm event from roadways. This allows for safer streets and for plowing operations to be more effective.
  • Carefully clear natural gas meters, regulators, propane tanks and lines of any snow by hand or by using a broom. Using shovels or other implements could cause severe damage.
  • Always keep a safe distance away from operating plows.
  • Obstacles such as garbage cans, basketball hoops, and skate ramps should also be cleared from roadways.
  • Parents should have children play a safe distance away from streets.
  • Get vehicles ready for winter driving conditions in advance. This includes changing wiper blades, filling fluids, checking tires, purchasing chains or cables, and making sure the vehicle is operating properly.

Remember to visit www.reno.gov for information related to the 2010-2011 snow season. The website includes the City of Reno’s Snow and Ice Control Plan, a plan that outlines the methods and procedures that will occur during storm events. Route maps, environmental mandates, available resources and equipment are included.

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