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Schluter systems to open west coast facility



CARSON CITY, Nev.— Schlüter Systems, a distributor of tile installation edging and finishing products with operations in Plattsburgh, New York, is expanding to the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) with a new 90,000 square foot LEED Gold certification standard facility bringing 20 new jobs for the Sierra Region in the first year. Lead by the Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA), construction on the new training and distribution facility, featuring revolutionary heating and cooling systems, is underway with operations scheduled for June 2011.

“This new location provides a West Coast presence that facilitates our access to clients from the southern tip of California to the western Canadian border and will allow us to expand our market share and service our clients quickly while also allowing for future expansion as demand increases,” C.J. Madonna, general counsel for Schlüter said. “With the assistance of NNDA, we have been able to move forward quickly in achieving our goal.”

Rob Hooper, executive director at NNDA, said, “Tom Miller of Miller Industrial Properties, the team lead assigned through the NNDA committee process, took the reins and has been the go-to-guy for ensuring that whatever Schlüter needed they got. Our open source system works and this is a testament to how efficiently and quickly we can respond.”

TRIC’s developer, Lance Gillman, assisted with Schlüter’s expansion by shortening time schedules and allowing the company to access the property for exploration and survey work even before they opened up escrow.  Added Hooper, “Lance fast-tracked all the parceling of the property through the cooperation of Storey county officials and worked hand-in-hand with the company to expedite the permitting process. In addition, the company is utilizing the ground source heating and cooling to provide the resource for the many unique green features of the facility.”

Miles Construction is the general contractor for the state-of-the-art, green, eco-friendly facility. Designed to meet the most stringent LEED Gold certification standards, the company is using local workforce including engineers, designers, architects and construction workers. “This facility in the Sierra Region will be a part of an elite group of facilities to have the degree of green systems the Schlüter property will have upon completion,” Bill Miles, president of Miles Construction said.

Some of the components of the facility include:

  • Ground source heating and cooling: This system uses the ground itself as a means to heat and cool the facility substantially saving major energy costs.
  • Radiant floor heating and cooling: The radiant floor design consumes far less construction material and uses 30 to 40 percent of traditional energy costs using Schlüter’s own products. This adds comfort while reducing costs.
  • Heating and cooling recovery system: This will recapture 80 percent of the conditioned air inside the building before it leaves the building and re-feeds it back into the space with fresh air, further saving energy costs.
  • Indoor ‘living wall’: a wall covered in living plants will add oxygen and humidity into the building as well as act as a bio-filter for the inside air, reduce noise and absorb magnetic waves and add esthetic appeal.
  • Rain water harvesting: Rain water collected will be used for flushing toilets, irrigating the living green wall and exterior plantings thereby eliminating or reducing consumption of fresh water. Installation of waterless urinals and toilets will additionally reduce water consumption by 20 percent.
  • 100 percent ceramic tile on floors: Using a natural product to lower maintenance time, the ceramic tile has a long life cycle and is pollutant free.
  • Daylight harvesting: Ceiling skylights will be installed throughout the warehouse, offices and atrium to provide extensive natural daylight resulting in 75 percent of the employees working under natural light. Traditional eco-friendly systems will also be used, such as energy efficient lighting, solar heating to supplement the ground source heating as needed, white TPO roofing membrane and low ‘E’ windows.

Designed as a distribution and training facility, the training seminars will host architects and engineers who will see the newest design features, contractors who will see the installed products, distributors who will see Schlüter products in final form and tile-setters who will learn how to install the products properly and efficiently. These professionals, plus an additional 30 to 40 journeymen and trainees coming to the facility from across the country every month will have a positive economic impact on the entire region including the airport, local hotels, restaurants and other retail and tourism establishments.

Werner Schlüter founded Schlüter Systems in 1966 in Germany.  Schlüter consistently met the needs of a rapidly evolving industry by developing practical solutions to tile installation challenges.  What began as modest ideas evolved into a company with more than 40 product lines available throughout world. Schlüter-Systems’ North America subsidiary, Schlüter Systems L.P., was founded in 1986. With offices in Montreal, Canada, and Plattsburgh, New York, this subsidiary is the second-largest operation in the International Corporation, the first being the home company in Germany.

For more information about Schlüter Systems, please visit online at www.Schluter.com.  To learn more about NNDA and the economic development action committees, call 775-883-4413 or e-mail [email protected].

NNDA’s mission is to facilitate the recruitment of new business and industry and the retention and expansion of existing businesses.  NNDA’s vision is to secure an abundant and sustainable economy for Nevada where all residents have the opportunity to grow in prosperity and realize their financial goals.

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