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• Breathe Easy in the New Year –
Renown is encouraging patients to start the new year with peace of
mind and possibly add years to their life. People who have had
significant exposure to second-hand smoke, or are a former or
current smoker, can schedule a low-dose lung CT screening for only
$299. A medical expert is available to talk about the screenings. A
patient story may also be available.

• New Ventilators – Renown
Regional Medical Center is replacing its breathing machines with
two of the world’s newest, state-of-the-art ventilators. In
addition to providing superior technology to patients needing
respiratory assistance, Renown will also be supporting a local
company, Hamilton Medical, a global medical equipment provider
headquartered in Reno. The director for respiratory care services
or a pulmonologist is available to talk about how the new devices
are saving lives.

• Life Line Screening – Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health is pleased to host the life-saving
services of Life Line Screening, the nation’s largest provider of
preventive screenings, to help local residents identify their risk
of stroke, vascular disease and osteoporosis. A cardiologist is
available to comment on early detection and risks of heart and
vascular diseases.


• Winter-Related Illnesses -The human body takes time to adjust to any kind of
change, whether it is a change in diet, a change in geography, or a
change in temperature and climate. Every time the season changes
the body takes time to adjust, giving infections an opportunity to
attack. A medical expert at Renown is available to talk about
winter illnesses and what people can do to stay healthy.

• Slips and Falls on Ice or Snow – One of the most threatening winter
hazards is the potential to slip or fall on patches of ice and snow
that will accumulate during the winter months. A physician or staff
member is available to comment on the types of injuries generally
seen from these accidents and offer advice for safety.
• Study Says Sledding Can Send Kids Sliding to Injury- Children and teens on
sleds account for at least 20,820 injuries in the United States
each year, according to a first-ever analysis of U.S. emergency
room reports. A Save Your Skull expert is available to talk about
sledding safety and how helmets can help prevent major injury.


• Cervical Cancer Screening
Month – Cervical cancer is currently the second-leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide. Most cases of cervical cancer can be prevented with regular screening from the Pap smear to the HPV vaccine. A medical expert is available to comment on this study and talk about the risks of cervical cancer for women.

• National Blood Donor Month – People are encouraged to start the New Year by donating blood in honor of National Blood Donor Month. As the region’s largest blood provider, a Renown Health representative is available to discuss the importance of donating blood.

• Healthy Weight Week Jan. 16-22 – The 18th annual Healthy Weight Week is a time to celebrate healthy diet-free living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems. A health management services expert is available to talk about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to mange weight.

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