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Reno Photo of the Week – October 17-23

By Ry Ry
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Reno, NV

Entitled “Reno, NV,” this photo from Gérald Verdon Photo on Flickr (view more of his photos on ambilux.com)caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First, I love the composition. Second, it’s the King’s Inn. The King’s Inn represents an awful lot about Reno right now, from the inability of the city’s government to completely revitalize the downtown area (an effort I believe has been an amazing boon for the area) to a look back at what Reno is known for, to a look at what societal problems exist in a place like Reno (how many of us have wondered what goes on inside that building?). The foreground motel shows a dichotomy to those living in Reno, as well. An active motel made almost to look like it is the King’s Inn? Well done. I have no idea if the photographer understood anything about the shot as a local would when it was taken, but it has opened up a lot of thought for me.

Simply put, I love this photo.

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