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Opinion: Opportunity in being more business friendly

By ThisIsReno


The current economic recession has affected every state in the nation. State governments all across the country are looking for ways to fix budget shortfalls, and many will turn to huge tax increases. Nevada has a unique opportunity in this economic climate to emerge with a more diverse economy, a better trained workforce and high-tech industry that will lead the world.

To achieve this goal we must become the most business-friendly state in the nation and develop the infrastructure to move forward. It is imperative that we eliminate the uncertainty that is preventing business from unleashing capital in our state.

We live right next to the fifth largest economy in the world. It is essential that we have policies in place to take advantage of the turmoil that is occurring in California, Oregon and many other states. We must have low taxes, reasonable regulations and an education system that prepares our children for the challenges of the future.

Nevada must pay close attention to states that have not learned from over-taxing and over-regulating and deploy a mass recruiting effort like none seen before. High-tech companies capable of creating thousands of good-paying jobs are ready to make the jump across state lines and open up shop here in the Silver State. Help me to get elected this fall and let’s give them that little push they’ve been waiting for!

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