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Reno Hyperbarics new oxygen treatment facility opens


Dr. Boris Volshteyn, founder and medical director of Sierra Plastic Surgery, and his professional staff are proud to announce the grand opening of Reno Hyperbarics, a new freestanding oxygen treatment facility. 

Reno Hyperbarics is the only facility in Northern Nevada with 2 sitting chambers that combine the privacy of monoplace chambers and additional safety of multiplace chambers.  These chambers are the only ones in the area equipment with self release mechanisms and allow the patient safe way to stop the treatment in they desire.

We believe that having sitting chambers provide more comfort to our patients, especially the ones who have difficulty breathing with while lying down, patients with reflux disease, and patient’s with claustrophobia. While inside of the chamber, the patient’s are able to watch TV, DVDs, movies and so on. Each treatment usually lasts from 1 to 2 hours depending on condition treated. During the treatment the patient’s are comfortably sitting in the private chamber. Usually there is no discomfort or pain associated with the treatment. Most patients state they don’t feel anything different. During the treatment the patient is immerced in 100% oxygen environment at or over 2 atmospheres. During the treatment the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream increases exponentially. The wounds that did not heal normally, have a chance of healing massive amount of oxygen delivered. The infections that did not improve with antibiotics alone, have a chance of being treated with delivered oxygen radicles. There several mechanisms by which hyperbaric oxygen treatment works. Increase in oxygen delivery is only one of them. The other mechanisms include stimulation of new blood vessel formation, antibacterial activity, and others.

Our facility is conveniently located at 9436B Double R Blvd. in South Reno, just one block north of South Meadows Blvd.  It is perfect for the patients desiring additional privacy and convenience of smaller more private environment. We offer flexible scheduling afterhours sessions available for convenience of our patients.  Many patients feel that it is much more pleasant and definitely more private having the treatments done outside of the large hospital facility.  

All the treatments are supervised by Dr. Boris Volshteyn, a board certified plastic surgeon with additional training in hyperbaric medicine. Our facility offers additional safety to our patients by providing the treatments adjacent to our AAAAASF – certified surgery center. The surgery center is equipment with all required emergency medical equipment and supplies, just like the hospital.

The conditions that are treated at a Reno hyperbarics include most Medicare and other insurance carriers approved indications, such as diabetic wounds, nonhealing wounds, venous stasis wounds, bone infections, soft tissue infections, amputations, conditions related to previous radiation, like soft tissue radionecrosis, osteoradionecrosis, burns, slow healing on nonhealing wounds after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, lasers and other surgical or nonsurgical treatments. Many insurance companies will provide treatments for conditions that are not approved by Medicare or other insurance companies. That is why it is important to contact every individual insurance company. We’ll also provide the treatments for athletes desiring faster recovery after trauma or surgery. To inquire about your specific condition, please call our office at 775-284-0911 and professional staff will be happy to verify and approved conditions by your specific insurance company.

Another unique feature of our facility is that we are able to incorporate the latest alternative and lasers treatment modalities not available at other centersin combination with hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Our facility is currently contracted with most insurance carriers, including St. Mary’s health plan, Aetna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross, Anthem, TRICARE, TriWest, workers compensation, Medicare and others.

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