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The Biggest Little City Losers lost a full person in January!

By ThisIsReno


Thirty of the Biggest Little City Losers’ remaining 33 members met recently at the South Reno Athletic Club to step on the scale and find out how successful they had been, individually and collectively, during the first month of the challenge.

With a total group weight loss of 224 pounds, the Biggest Little City Losers shed the equivalent of one average contestant between January 1 and January 30. That’s an average weight loss of 7.5 lbs and 3 percent body weight shed per contestant in 30 days.

January’s winner for the highest percentage of body weight lost was Shannon Kimbrel, with an 18 lb + 9 percent loss. She worked extra hard at the gym all month and it shows. Shannon won a collection of healthy cookbooks from Grassroots Books, along with an extra $10 gift certificate for a few more books of her choice from the store.

Contestant Maria Jones also won a gift certificate for a free breakfast or lunch off the Healthy Obsession menu at Squeeze-In Restaurant for meeting a personal goal: losing enough weight to be able to use her Wii Fit. She was 8 lbs over the limit when she started, and lost an impressive 16 lbs in January.