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Governor presents plan to reduce spending

By ThisIsReno


CARSON CITY — Governor Jim Gibbons today unveiled his plan to reduce state spending by nearly $900-million dollars, while at the same time avoiding higher taxes for Nevadans. “Our citizens are already struggling during this economic crisis, “Gibbons said, “I intend to lead Nevada out of this recession with responsible government spending and without raising taxes.”

Governor Gibbons, his senior staff, legislators and legislative staff have been meeting for the last several weeks seeking agreement on ways to reduce state spending. Under the Nevada Constitution, the state must operate with a balanced budget. Because of revenue shortfalls, Nevada must reduce its spending by about $890-million.

Governor Gibbons today announced his plans to reduce state government spending, while at the same time providing vital and core government services and continuing to fund safety-net programs for our most vulnerable citizens. “As I said in my State of the State Address, there are no easy answers,” Gibbons said, “These last few weeks, coming up with these recommendations, have been some of my most difficult times as your Governor, but Nevada must do what hundreds of thousands of you are already doing. Nevada state government must reduce spending.”

Special Session Proclamation (pdf)
Fiscal Solution Notes (pdf)
09 – 11 Biennium Shortfall (pdf)

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