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‘Reno 911!’ campaign takes off


RSCVA news release:

reno911615-300x265-9912906-8741966Effort to save the show Reno 911! is off and running according to the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority. Since the launch of the campaign on Aug. 14 more than 440 fans of the show have visited www.savereno911.com and signed the petition to save Reno 911!

Additionally, more than 627 Facebook fans and 166 Twitter followers have joined the fight, including Reno 911! actors Joe Lo Truglio, who plays Deputy Frank Rizzo, and Kerry Kinney-Silver, who plays Deputy Trudy Weigel on the show.

Truglio commended the efforts to save the show when he joined the Facebook conversation saying, “Many thanks to all the fans and the people who started this site. This is a great show to be part of, and I hope this campaign will bring the footchases, the rollerskates, the big booty, and, of course, the tiny shorts back into living rooms across America once again. Thanks everybody!”

Kinney-Silver also expressed thanks for the RSCVA effort.

She said, “Tom (Thomas Lennon, who plays Lt. Dangle on the show) just sent me your email address and a link to your site. That’s great! Thank you so much for your support!”

On the heels of actor/writer Thomas Lennon’s (aka Officer Jim Dangle’s) Aug. 13 Twitter post announcing the cancellation of Reno 911!, the city that was simultaneously made famous, and relentlessly shamed, by the tongue-in-cheek, mock-umentary style sitcom launched a veritable fan Web site. SaveRENO911.com went live on Aug. 14, less than 24 hours after Lennon’s loaded tweet.

“One thing Reno has is a sense of humor,” says Ellen Oppenheim, president and CEO of the RSCVA. “We hope the petition results in the show getting picked up by another network, and that they film the show here instead of the non-descript valleys of southern California.”

Web sites:
Twitter: twitter.com/savereno911
Facebook: facebook.com/savereno911

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