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EXCLUSIVE: Lt. Dangle reflects on post-retirement comeback

By Bob Conrad
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Reno 911 is back. And This Is Reno has an exclusive interview with Lt. Jim Dangle, the Reno Sheriff’s Department’s highest ranking officer. After 10 years of retirement, we had to find out what he’s been up to. Rated PG-13 for talk about testicles.

Q. What have you been doing since your 2009 forced retirement?

PILATES. So much pilates. I’ve also become a bit of an ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE, and I’ve been trying to solve old episodes of the Father Dowling Mysteries, by pausing the VHS tape before the last scene where Father Dowling usually solves the case. Currently I’ve cracked about 35% of his old cases. I also tried to get funding for my STARTUP, which was an app called PEEK-A-DUDE, where you can play hide and seek with other adult men, in a clothing optional environment. I’ve also started making my own wine coolers, using regular wine and a broken Soda Stream machine that I found behind the BLUM pot dispensary on Virginia Street.

Q. How did you get reinstated at the Reno Sheriff’s Department?

This baffles even me! I strongly suspect it was part of a clerical error or typographical error. Either way, I’m NOT ASKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS. I will say that I aced the chin-ups portion of the test, and my urine test was clean-ISH. 

Q. How have your colleagues been holding up?

It’s been a topsy-turvy time for law enforcement, we’re still that thin beige line of protection, but the criminal element has hit new lows. Americans are sucker-punching and pulling each other’s weaves off in record numbers. Luckily, most Americans are also posting their crimes on Facebook Live, so we can find them with a pretty quick internet search. 

Q. How can this new generation of viewers watch this new reality series when it launches?

These new episodes will be available on an APP called Quibi. This is a new service invented by Jeff Katzenberg, who I believe was one of the voices in Madagascar. 

Q. Will Mayor Hillary Schieve make any appearances?

Hillary is a pal, and we get our highlights done by the same guy. I’ve always been a strong supporter of hers, and when she moves on to the national stage, I’m hoping to become her ambassador to the European Union. 

Q. Our readers were curious, based on our last interview, when you mentioned that your testicles were “donated to the Museum of Television and Radio, where they’ll hang next to Milton Berle’s” … Were they were waxed and bronzed?

They mailed those back to me, then somebody stole them off of my front porch. I’ve got to get one of those Ring cameras. 

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