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Local Reno jeweler wins gold at Muse Awards, champions diversity (sponsored)


BVW Jewelers, together with Bryon Evans Films and ADJ Visions, has garnered widespread acclaim for their impactful commercial, receiving a Gold Muse Creative Award and featuring prominently at the Cordillera International Film Festival. This commercial, highlighting the diverse history and resilience of black families in Northern Nevada during the Gold Rush, has captivated audiences and critics alike, underscoring the importance of diversity and inclusivity in storytelling.

Conceptualized and produced by ADJ Visions, the commercial uses the poignant “Mpatapo” symbol—representing reconciliation and peace—as its central motif. This narrative has resonated deeply, leading not only to the Muse Creative Award but also to its celebrated inclusion in the lineup at the Cordillera International Film Festival, a prestigious platform celebrating cinematic excellence and innovative storytelling.

“We are thrilled to see our work recognized not just in the advertising industry but also in the film community,” said Britten Wolf, owner of BVW Jewelers. “Featuring in the Cordillera International Film Festival is a testament to the narrative and visual quality of our commercial and the universal themes it presents.”

The collaboration among BVW Jewelers, Bryon Evans Films, and ADJ Visions highlights their shared commitment to cultural representation and the power of visual media to foster understanding and change. “This project has been a fantastic opportunity to showcase the talent and stories of our community,” added Darius Devine of ADJ Visions. “We hope it continues to inspire and make a positive impact.”

Gold Muse Creative Award

For more details on the Muse Creative Awards and to view the award-winning entry, please visit Muse Creative Awards. To learn more about the Cordillera International Film Festival and its dedication to showcasing innovative films, visit Cordillera International Film Festival.

To learn more about BVW Jewelers and their ongoing commitment to diversity and representation, visit https://www.bvwjewelers.com/blogs/blog/legacy . Further information about Bryon Evans Films can be found at Bryon Evans Films, and to explore ADJ Visions’ contributions to film and inclusivity in Northern Nevada, visit adjvisions.com.

About BVW Jewelers

Founded by Britten Wolf, BVW Jewelers excels in creating unique, custom-made fine jewelry that embodies the principles of quality, innovation, and community engagement. Located in Reno, Nevada, BVW Jewelers continues to be recognized for its progressive and inclusive approach within the jewelry industry.

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