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Diversity on display: UNR adds two new murals to campus (photos)

By ThisIsReno

By Kristen Hackbarth and Isaac Hoops

When students and faculty return to the University of Nevada, Reno, campus in the coming weeks, they’ll be met with two new murals highlighting diversity, inclusion and equity. 

The mural project, which was completed in July, is the culmination of two years of discussion and planning from two separate groups of students.


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Diversity on display: UNR adds two new murals to campus (photos)
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Scott Youngs August 17, 2020 - 2:26 pm

Will people with disabilities be a part of this diversity initiative?

L Martina Young, Ph.D. August 16, 2020 - 7:40 am

The violence emitting from the UNR School of the Arts mural, “Stimulate the Senses,” recalls for me the response I experienced when colleague Joe DeLappe brought an Art Department’s guest artist to the Nevada Art Museum who essentially performed the same act painted in this mural. While I understood the intellectual content of the presentation–foregrounding the affects of media, in this case, tactile computer-stimulated prods attached to a person’s face (precisely the image in the UNR mural)–bringing awareness to how humans’ emotional lives are both programmed and manipulated. The image itself struck me viscerally as a violent image, causing me to leave the NMA presentation before its completion; it was simply too violent an image for my body-being to sustain and process. Likewise, the UNR School of the Arts mural is an image of the same kind of disruptive violence; it offers nothing generative. Moreover, I find it ethically devoid of a nuanced perception that reflects a thought-through ethic of the aesthetic, that is, a rigorous consideration of the ethics involved in the images we produce and disseminate as cultural products.

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