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New tools help the Downtown Reno Partnership take downtown cleaning to a new level (sponsored)


The Downtown Reno Partnership (DRP) prides itself on ensuring the 110-blocks that make up its business improvement district boundaries are safe, clean and vibrant and the DRP Ambassadors have two new pieces of equipment at their disposal to help ensure they accomplish these goals. 

A sidewalk sweeper/scrubber on loan from The City of Reno dubbed Scrubs, and a new truck, secured by the DRP through American Rescue Plan Act funding granted by the City of Reno. Each allows an additional level of cleaning to ensure the BID is looking its best. 

“The opportunity to add these two pieces of equipment to our Ambassador toolkit has helped to enhance the overall appearance and appeal of our downtown, while also promoting a safer and more welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike,” said Neoma Jardon, Executive Director of the Downtown Reno Partnership. “We are grateful to the City of Reno for their support to secure these two pieces of equipment.”  

The City of Reno had an additional Scrubs unit but didn’t have the personnel to deploy it while the DRP team had the personnel. Scrubs is now deployed daily to run up and down Virginia and Sierra Streets. It’s a great compliment piece of equipment to our power washing truck and allows for the Ambassador team to have another way to ensure the downtown area is clean for residents and visitors alike. 

The new truck provides our Ambassador team a second vehicle to assist in transporting individuals to shelter and services like the DMV, Cares Campus, Our Place and the social security office. The truck also allows for the team to remove shopping carts, debris and abandoned encampments and trash and haul it all away. 

These new tools are in addition to other pieces of equipment the Ambassadors use on a daily basis, including our van for transport to services, our T-3 Mobile Ambassador Outreach Vehicle (MARV) complete with a trash can, picker, AED, and Narcan as Ambassadors use MARV as part of their patrols and our pressure washing truck used daily to clean sidewalks and soiled areas as well its availability for on-call pressure washing needs.  

As a point of reference, the DRP Ambassador team has given 164 van rides over the last three months, deployed the pressure washer 565times and cleaned up 8,220 pounds of trash.

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