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Space Whale for sale on Facebook for $1 million

By ThisIsReno
The Space Whale sculpture in downtown Reno.

The Space Whale sculpture at City Plaza downtown has to be removed by September 1, 2020. This is after failed negotiations between Matt Schultz and the City of Reno for the city to purchase the piece. This Is Reno first reported last year that the contract for the piece to reside on city property expired.

Schultz wanted the city to purchase it for $500,000, but the city in December declined, offering $150,000 instead.

The city’s Arts, Culture and Special Events Manager Alexis Hill confirmed today the piece has to be removed from the plaza by September 1.

But anyone can now purchase it via Facebook for $1 million. The listing, live as of an hour ago by somebody named Bear Wise, said the $1 million “includes transport & instillation [sic] (fuel surcharge for anything East of the Mississippi). [It] needs a 30’x30’ instillation [sic] footprint and space for a crane to work.”

They are “motivated to sell ASAP,” Wise noted in the listing.



Darryl Haney May 27, 2020 - 1:40 pm

Reno nothing reno has nothing to offer anyone. It is suprising that anyone would want to visit this place I been here my whole life and am astounded by the lack of activities there is in the city it self and the way the planners have turned away so many projects that would put reno on the map now nothing is open after 10 pm wow growing up here the town used to start hopping after midnight now it’s just like Sacramento every closed after 10 pm I don’t see how the industry stays afloat with the way the city has turned into a ghost town after dark definitely not the town I grew up in nothing is going on s and has turned away all the good things that this town was famous for. Go ahead and try to justify the way things are compared to the way it was because it was the biggest little city no just a city like every other nothing special you can’t even purchase art work without haggling the price and loosing the only thing that reno has left down town. Is this what it has come down to you spend thousands on taking two lane roads and bottle necking traffic into single lanes all over town and making more room for bike lanes and sidewalks it is so much of a waste to ruin the infrastructure in such a way for no reason especially with all the new people moving here to get away from California it has become just like California as far as everything closing at 10 pm. It never should have been like this but it’s everyone’s fault for letting the government take control of every aspect of planning and growth in the area I really don’t agree with the piggy back housing and the mass building of apartments in the rural areas south of town what are you thinking it makes no sense to me but then nothing reno has done in the past 15 to 20 years has made anything any better in the city just made it look run down and empty. No personality left and you think you are doing a better job than before it’s so hard to even stay living here and I been here for 55 years it’s sad but true renonothing is all that remains of a great place that is no more no more anything that made reno what it was.

Connie Citizo May 27, 2020 - 7:18 am

When this piece goes unsold, the artist will wish they accepted the city’s offer. I doubt there is much interest in Burning Man art beyond the Bay Area and Northern Nevada.

Maria Scharenberg May 25, 2020 - 12:59 pm

Shame on the City of Reno. This is a very beautil art piece! I live downtown Reno which looks very bleak.

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