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City of Reno again trying to purchase Space Whale sculpture

By Bob Conrad
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Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve is again trying to purchase the Space Whale sculpture in City Plaza. An amount, and source of funds, was not revealed by city officials. 

“The City of Reno is currently negotiating with the artist, so at this time we are not in a position to answer … questions and don’t want to compromise the progress of those negotiations,” city spokesperson Matt Brown said.

The giant downtown whale was supposed to be dismantled, twice. 

Then it was up for purchase, but negotiations failed after the artist Matt Schultz wanted a half million

Then it was for sale on Facebook for $1 million. 

Then Schieve wanted RSCVA to purchase it. That effort failed. 

It was most recently proposed to become an NFT.

A source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the price being discussed for the latest purchase discussion is “too high” but includes funds to get the giant art piece repaired. 

The whale has been in a constant state of disrepair, a point of contention among city officials and the arts commission, which said the piece had “a problem in the areas of safety and maintenance.”

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