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Photo Contest Highlights Reno Architecture



A photo contest devoted to Reno architecture is seeking submissions through September 8, 2019. The Uncommon Modern Reno photo contest aims to showcase underrated buildings that are often hiding in plain sight, contest organizers said.

“We have an abundance of lesser-known modern buildings that many people in our community love, even if they are not as well-known or celebrated as they should be,” said ZoAnn Campana, Historic Reno Preservation Society vice-president. “Uncommon Reno is the community’s chance to discover some of the overlooked gems that are hiding in our neighborhoods. Our community is rapidly losing its historic fabric, and Reno MoMo intends to raise community awareness about our recent past through this effort.” 

Reno MoMo is asking citizens to photograph modern buildings through September 8. The contest is open to amateur and professional photographers and will culminate in an awards ceremony at the Pioneer Center. Photos will be judged by a panel of design, architecture, and art professionals. 


  • Dwellings // #uncommonrenodwellings (houses, apartment buildings)
  • Public // #uncommonrenopublic (libraries, government buildings)
  • Commerce // #uncommonrenocommerce (motels, diners, banks, commercial buildings)
  • Sacred // #uncommonrenosacred (churches, religious buildings)
  • Details // #uncommonrenodetails (shapes, elements, typeface).
  • Memories // #uncommonrenomemories (submit short memory along with a photo).
  • R.I.P. // #uncommonrenorip (gone but not forgotten buildings).
  • Light effect // #uncommonrenolighteffect (sunrise, sunset, neon).


Submissions may be made by posting photos on Reno MoMo’s Facebook wall (facebook.com/renomodern) or by adding @RenoMoMo under the Tag People button when posting on Instagram. Hashtag each submission with the category above.

SOURCE: Reno Modern

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