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ARTOWN: Dancing in the Park with Sierra Nevada Ballet (Subscriber Content)

By Kylie Masznicz
Cami Thompson performing at Artown. Image: Kylie Masznicz.
Cami Thompson performing at Artown with the Sierra Nevada Ballet. Image: Kylie Masznicz.

This year, Sierra Nevada Ballet brought fun and elegance to Reno Artown. Their free “Dancing in the Park” event was on Tuesday at Wingfield Park. People picked a cozy spot, sat on their blankets or lawn chairs, and watched with amazement at the ease the ballerinas were performing their routines. 

I was disappointed in the fact that the music during the dances was not live, but to make up for it in between certain routines singer Cami Thompson took to the stage and performed classics loved by all. It matched the class brought by the ballerinas and Thompson’s vocal talent was shown off. 

Some international ballerinas also took the stage alongside the Sierra Nevada Ballet crew, adding an exciting new aspect to the performance. Dances performed by international and local ballerinas had interesting stories, such as a Twelfth Night-inspired dance that turned the performance into a show.

To break up some of the ballet, an international tap dancer, Sam Weber, also took to the stage for a solo that blew the crowd away. The routine started slow, lowering some expectations. But this was the perfect move to then bust out into a full body tap routine that left jaws dropped. Weber even battled with the drummer… and won!

This show definitely succeeded in all standards and was a highlight to Artown thus far. The Sierra Nevada Ballet elevated their performance past ballet into incorporating multiple art media, resulting in a well-rounded and talent-packed evening. 


If you weren’t able to catch the Sierra Nevada Ballet, try to make it to their Twelfth Night Ballet performances happening soon. For more information, visit http://www.sierranevadaballet.org/performances/

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