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Presidential Hopeful Warren Visits Reno


By Don Dike Anukam

Listen to an interview with Elizabeth Warren below.

Democratic Party candidate for president, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), came to Reno Saturday for an organizing event. She was greeted by about 500 interested attendees from various parts of the community.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren visits Reno.
Image: Don Dike Anukam.

Nevada State Controller Catherine Byrne (D) introduced Warren to the crowd. The senator then spoke for about 30 minutes. She touched on her lower-middle-class upbringing in Oklahoma. She was the youngest of four children and talked about the economic challenges faced by her family — namely when her father suffered a heart attack that ultimately prevented him from working, and her mother had to take on a minimum wage job to save the family’s home.

This upbringing formed the policies she wishes to implement if elected president.

Warren emphasized that Nevada’s votes matter.

“This is a perilous moment for our country, and Nevada is going to be part of the decision of what happens come 2020,” she told the crowd.

Warren received applause from the crowd when she spoke of implementing universal child care, universal pre-K, and a budget that would have $2 trillion left over.

Referencing Reno’s housing crisis, Warren said that the U.S. can make an investment in housing so that rental rates can be reduced and it is easier for working families to buy homes. She also spoke of reducing student loan debt, helping people on their health care coverage, and making down payments on housing easier.

Elizabeth Warren Interview

Warren took a number of questions from members of the audience. Topics ranged from criminal justice reform, healthcare, campaign finance reform, lobbying reform, and affordable housing.

She also suggested a 2% wealth tax per year — to be put on 17,000 of the richest families in the nation — that would fund infrastructure, a housing legislation package, and resources to address the opioid crisis.

She closed her speech talking about her route to victory. She said that focusing on the issues that matter to everyone will be the way to win, not focusing on President Trump and his actions.

To read more about Senator Warren’s housing plan, visit the following link:


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