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Warren Visited Reno Wednesday on Campaign Run



By Don Dike Anukam

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) made her second campaign swing to Northern Nevada on Wednesday. She spoke to a packed building of about 800 supporters, curious listeners, and local activists at Cathexes LLC, in downtown Reno.

Before Warren spoke, two members Warren’s campaign, field organizer Olivia Komanduri and intern, Francesco Arreaga, warmed up the crowd to encourage them to volunteer and support their efforts as the Fourth-of-July holiday season began.

Nevada State Assemblywoman Sarah Peters (D) also spoke to warm up the crowd. She introduced Warren.

Warren then spoke for about an hour. She talked about her major campaign themes, from her background and the impact government has on people’s lives, to her life before becoming a United States Senator. She was a prominent law professor at Harvard and was a special-ed teacher.

She also addressed the current immigration crisis in regard to the Trump administration’s position on child detention and family separation.

Warren in Reno. Image: Don Dike Anukam.

“I saw cages … I saw kids in cages,” she said. “This a moral stain on our country and a stain on every one of our elected officials that have participated in this!

“As President, I will not separate babies from their mothers. That is what I will do.”

Her speech highlighted a point that she if elected will shut down all for-profit prisons. Warren mentioned to the crowd that she had visited the Homestead Detention Facility in Homestead, Florida while she was preparing for the Democratic debates the week prior.

An issue that was a common theme throughout her speech in Reno was housing affordability, income inequality, and her three-part plan for a “big structural change to the country” to reform the economic, political, and social systems of the United States.

After giving her speech and talking with the audience, Warren took questions from reporters outside before returning back inside to take selfies and photos with attendees and campaign staff.

Assemblywoman Peters said: “I was asked to introduce Elizabeth Warren to my district, district 24, here at Cathexes, which is right in the heart of it.”

Peters said she wanted to encourage people to find their way and didn’t overtly endorse Warren at this time. 

“I’m a huge fan of people picking for themselves what is the best narrative for issues that are important to them,” Peters added. “That’s how I asked people to consider me and my race, and I think that’s the Democratic way.

“I would encourage everybody to do their research and due diligence on everyone that’s running, and when you have an opportunity to come and see or speak with a candidate, do it. Take that opportunity to get yourself in a place where you can feel really confident as a voter.”

Earlier in the day, Warren attended a small gathering in Midtown to talk with Reno business owners about small business concerns.

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