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Get In Touch With Your Own Energy at the Metaphysical Learning Center

By Muse Group


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Archetypal Insights

Archetypes are behaviors that we all hold within us. They are different for everyone. Find out which archetypes are influencing your life and use them to better yourself and your life. These techniques are beneficial to all aspects of your being. Explore your ability to control an archetype’s influence rather than be controlled by the archetype.

By appointment only. First appointment is free!

Meditation Techniques

Turn inward for body and spirit communication. This six-week course will introduce basic energy work that will teach you meditation techniques to improve the overall quality of life. These classes will take place on Tuesdays, starting March 19th through April 23rd in the evenings from 6pm-8pm.

Women’s Intuitive Energy

Learn new grounding techniques that will help bring balance. Focus on female energy, while talking about the differences between Male and Female energy in the world around you. These classes will take place on Mondays, starting March 18th through April 22nd in the afternoons from 2pm-4pm.

Please visit: metaphysicallearningcenter.com to seek more energy classes and readings to help you understand your true self.

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