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100 Families Avoid Homelessness Through New Program

By ThisIsReno
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One hundred families in Reno area have been spared homelessness, according to the Reno Housing Authority, which today touted a new program that makes one rent payment for qualifying families facing one-time financial hardships.

“The Reno Housing Authority created a new partnership with the State of Nevada to combat a big problem in our community, and we’ve kept one hundred families in their homes,” said RHA Executive Director Amy Jones.

The grants have been administered by RHA subsidiary Washoe Affordable Housing Corporation (WAHC) since last December.

“You guys really saved us at a time when all seemed lost,” one program participant wrote.

Even without publicity, the pilot program has used most of its allocated money in less than a year. The RHA and WAHC plan to apply for state funding again next spring.

“This could be a preview of the way our community handles affordable housing issues in the future—using local solutions to local problems,” Jones said. “Before long, public/private partnerships may fund our projects.”




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