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Legislative Commission defers proposed trap registration

By ThisIsReno
mousetrapLAS VEGAS — Legislators serving on the Legislative Commission deferred a proposed regulation when they met on October 22 that would require all traps to be registered, including those used to protect private property.
The Legislative Commission unanimously deferred the regulation until after the 2015 Legislative Session. The language of SB 213 did not adequately reflect legislative intent that allows for property owners to use traps to protect their property. It was indicated in the discussions by individual legislators that the bill was intended for commercial trappers to register traps used to take furbearing mammals. The language of SB 213 included all traps used to take all mammals, including mousetraps.
“This is a victory for private property owners who use traps to protect their property,” said Nevada Farm Bureau Lobbyist Doug Busselman. “We are very appreciative of the way legislators dealt with the matter. The language for the law will be up for debate in the 2015 Legislature, and hopefully the language will result in a private property exemption.”
Nevada Farm Bureau would also like to thank Farm Bureau members and other interested Nevadans who took the time to contact the Legislative Commission asking that the proposed regulation be rejected.