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CreativeKrate gives families alternative to TV



creativekrate-300x300-3394780-9647359The average American parent spends 5 hours a day watching TV but only 39 minutes a week talking to their children. That needs to change.

Today’s families are busy. With most households requiring two incomes to stay afloat, fewer parents are staying home. Both partners tend to work long hours and have conflicting schedules and other side activities on their plates. As much as they may hate to admit it, finding quality time with their children is not as easy as they would like.

That’s why a group of Nevada entrepreneurs founded CreativeKrate.

CreativeKrate is a new project that aims to bring families together every month to rebuild vital family time during a child’s most important developmental years. With a focus in child development to create lesson plans and project guidelines, parents can rest assured their children are being nurtured in critical areas and are having fun at the same time.

Best of all, parents get to be there every step of the way.

Research shows that children whose parents make a dedicated effort to spend time with them reap benefits that follow them into their adult life. They learn to model their parent’s positive behavior, to speak their mind and talk about their thoughts and feelings. They are also much less likely to get involved in drugs or alcohol, have better overall health and even do better in school.

This time benefits parents, too! Parents learn to understand their children’s unique strengths and weaknesses; they form stronger bonds with their children, enabling them to nurture those strengths and help their children develop in a way that is right for them. This is not cookie-cutter parenting. It is specialized and prioritized with your children in mind, because you are involved and genuinely understand what they need to excel.

Here’s how CreativeKrate works: child development experts create one-of-a-kind, themed, educational activities. Once a month, one of these Krates arrives at your door, addressed to your children, with projects inside. Together, you and your children can build, play, learn and grow, developing bonds with one another and your children’s understanding of the world around them.

And it just keeps giving. With a Krate every month, parents will spend approximately two hours extra dedicated to their children’s development, growth and, most importantly, relationships. Before you know it, that 39-minute-a-week statistic is a thing of the past as you and your children begin to understand one another.

The best news? A 12-month renewable subscription to CreativeKrate costs only $360 per year, less than the $1200 average parents are already spending on sports and summer activities and almost half as much as the average family spends on TV every year. For $360, parents get 12 opportunities to sit down and focus on the one thing that really matters: their children.

About CreativeKrate

CreativeKrate is a project based out of Reno dedicated to bringing children and parents together, help in the development in young children and create an overall nurturing environment for the whole family. The CreativeKrate subscriptions come in one-, six- and twelve-month packages. For more information about CreativeKrate, visit their website.

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