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Governor appoints Teachers and Leaders Council

By ThisIsReno


CARSON CITY – In accordance with Assembly Bill 222, Gov. Brian Sandoval has appointed the Teachers and Leaders Council. The Council’s primary duty is to develop and recommend a statewide performance evaluation system for licensed personnel that is fair and rigorous and employs various elements, such as pupil achievement data.

The council must submit its recommendations to the State Board of Education by June 1, 2012, and the State Board must adopt regulations, based on the council’s recommendations, which establish a statewide performance evaluation system by June 1, 2013. The council was recommended by the Education Blue Ribbon Task Force in 2010.

Fifteen members serve three-year terms without compensation:

* Four public school teachers—Barbara Surritte-Barker (Washoe), Theresa Crowley (Washoe), Theodore Small (Clark), and Kathleen Galland-Collins (Clark).
* Two public school administrators—Dale Norton (Nye) and Linda Archambault (Clark).
* One school district superintendent—Dr. Heath Morrison (Washoe).
* Two school board members—Sharla Hales (Douglas) and Theo Michael McCormick (Lyon).
* One representative of teacher and administrative training programs—Pam Salazar, Ed.D (Clark).
* One parent or guardian of a public school student—Kimberly Tate (Clark).
* Two experts in education policy, designated by the State Superintendent—Robert McCord (Clark) and Mary Peterson (Carson).
* The state superintendent of public instruction (ex officio) has designated Rorie Fitzpatrick (Carson City).
* The chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education (ex officio) has designated Christine Cheney, Ed.D. (Washoe).

The council elects its own chair and may establish working groups, as necessary, consisting of members from within or outside the council. Staff support is provided by the State Department of Education, and $32,000 is appropriated for the biennium for the council.

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