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Message from Jim Gibbons



Hello Nevada Voters,

This is your governor, Jim Gibbons, sharing with you more endorsements for my campaign.

Along with the four endorsements and supporters announced in the past two weeks, including two of the premier tea party groups in Nevada, Action Is Brewing and Grassroots Nevada, we are also endorsed by former U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich and former state senator Bob Beers.

They are both legendary conservative leaders of Nevada, so we are so pleased to have their endorsements for Jim Gibbons, their choice for governor of Nevada.

“Governor Jim Gibbons stood up to the Legislature and kept his promise to keep government growth under control and stop raising taxes. He made a promise to us all and he kept it. My vision for our state and Governor Gibbons’ vision for our state are the same, we both want state spending brought under control and we both want relief from higher taxes on Nevada’s families.”

—Bob Beers, former State Senator

“Governor Jim Gibbons has demonstrated exceptional leadership during his military service, his private sector life, and his political career. These unprecedented economic times require an experienced leader like Governor Jim Gibbons. Now, more than ever, we need Governor Gibbons leading Nevada. I encourage all Nevadans who want proven courage and leadership to support Governor Gibbons any way they can. I know I will!”

—Barbara Vucanovich, former Congresswoman and first woman ever elected to represent Nevada in the U.S. Congress

I am the only candidate with a track record of fighting higher taxes and fighting bigger government, while we create jobs and fix the economy.

A vote for Jim Gibbons . . . is the vote for LOWER TAXES, is the vote for SMALLER GOVERNMENT, and is the vote to PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION.

God bless you and head out to the polls today, take a friend, and let’s make it happen!

Warmest regards,
Jim Gibbons

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