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Opinion: Brian Sandoval missing from campaign



roryreid-150x150-8714713-8187671Brian Sandoval has boldly proclaimed that he will visit 100 schools and 100 businesses during his campaign for governor. But the Republican candidate is nowhere close to his stated goal with only 78 days left until the election.

The Rory Reid campaign will now be tracking Brian Sandoval’s progress in living up to his campaign promise at SandovalFactCheck.com.

His own website shows Sandoval has only visited 27 businesses and schools so far. And when he does show up, they are seldom public events. A story in the Las Vegas Sun on Sunday showed that Sandoval only visited four businesses in the entire month of July.

In the same month, he didn’t visit even one single school. That didn’t stop him from proclaiming last week during an impromptu debate that he’s “been going out there and seeing things for himself.”

It’s going to be a busy couple of months for Brian Sandoval if he’s going to live up to his promise to visit 100 schools and 100 businesses. At this rate, he’ll have to make more than two visits every day from now until Nov. 2. That’s 173 more stops to make for Brian Sandoval.

Considering Brian Sandoval’s continued ducking of public scrutiny, dodging of public debates and hiding from tough questions, it’s unlikely he will live up to this campaign promise.

Rory Reid is the only candidate for governor to offer solutions for today and a plan for Nevada’s future success–supporting strong schools for a stronger economy. For more information about his campaign or to download his plans, visit Rory2010.com.

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