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Opinion: Shooting park made possible by Harry Reid a poor photo op for Lowden, Tark



Tomorrow, Danny Tarkanian will be hosting a “Liberty Shootout” at the Clark County Shooting Sports Park. Lil Tark apparently didn’t learn anything from the mocking Sue Lowden took just a few weeks ago from the local and national media for having her own campaign event there.

The Clark County Shooting Sports Park was made possible due to the work of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Local officials in Clark County as well as the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation credit Reid with making the CCSP happen, and the fact that both Tarkanian and Lowden are using that particular park for their campaign photo ops is ironic and illustrative. More than anything, it provides yet another example of Sen. Reid’s unparalleled ability to deliver for the people of Nevada in these tough economic times.

Tarkanian didn’t learn from Sue Lowden’s gaffe of campaigning at the site of one of Harry Reid’s more significant recent accomplishments
National media mocked Lowden for hosting an event at the Clark County Shooting Sports Park. In March 2010, CQ Politics reported, “Former Nevada state Sen. Sue Lowden (R) may not be generating the sort of photo-op she intended with her ‘Protect Your Freedom Gun Shoot’ and fundraiser at the Clark County Shooting Park on Wednesday. Turns out that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Lowden’s prospective general election opponent, is the public official roundly credited for obtaining the funding and the land transfer for the park .… That doesn’t help bolster Lowden’s assertion that Reid hasn’t delivered for the state as majority leader.” [CQ Politics, 3/16/10]

CQ Politics: “It’s also not the first time Lowden has inadvertently highlighted Nevada programs that have Reid’s fingerprints on them.” [CQ Politics, 3/16/10]

Reid secured the land and funding used to build the world’s largest shooting part in Nevada

Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins: “People can come up here thanks to Senator Harry Reid.” In December 2009, the Las Vegas Sun reported, “Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins and state Sen. John Lee, D-North Las Vegas, fired the first shots Saturday at the new Clark County Shooting Park. The new facility, which is on the northern edge of the valley, has multiple ranges for different kinds of weapons: rifle, shotgun, pistol and bow and arrow .… Collins also couldn’t stop thanking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who helped pass legislation to fund the park and get the land transferred from the Bureau of Land Management to the county. ‘People can come up here thanks to Senator Harry Reid for a nominal amount of money and can shoot and enjoy the recreation that’s affordable and available to folks in the West,’ Collins said. ‘This is just a tremendous opportunity.’” [Las Vegas Sun, 12/19/09]

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre: “I know how hard you worked .… This would not have opened without the work of Sen. Reid.”
In March 2010, the Las Vegas Sun reported, “As the Tea Party Express rolled into Searchlight on Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wasn’t home. Instead, he spent his morning at the grand opening of the Clark County Shooting Park, firing a shotgun at one of the facility’s new ranges .… Reid helped to secure land and $61 million for the 2,900-acre facility under the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act. He was joined at the ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday by National Rifle Association of America Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, Rep. Shelley Berkley, Rep. Dina Titus, state Sen. John Jay Lee and Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins .… Reid practiced shooting at one of the ranges, firing six rounds from a 12-gauge shotgun and hitting two clay birds. Each clay bird busted into pieces and the crowd cheered as Reid reloaded the gun .… ‘I know how you worked,’ LaPierre said to Reid before turning back to the audience. ‘(This) would not have opened without the work of Sen. Reid.’” [Las Vegas Sun, 3/27/10]

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on Reid and the CCSP: “I am proud to join him today at this world-class facility. We wouldn’t be here without his vision and hard work.” [Reid Press Release, 8/25/09]

“Reid was instrumental in securing land and more than $60 Million in funding for the” Clark County Shooting Park.
In August 2009, Digital Journal reported, “The world’s largest and most advanced shooting range officially opened today in North Las Vegas with a host of dignitaries. The $60 million Clark County Shooting Park is both large and comprehensive, designed to attract not only locals, but shooting enthusiasts from around the world. Nevada’s politicians came to praise the facility along with the NRA, National Rifle Association. Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke today at the opening ceremony for the Clark County Shooting Park. Reid was instrumental in securing land and more than $60 million in funding for the park.” [Digital Journal, 8/25/09]

National Shooting Sports Foundation singled out Reid in praising officials who made the CCSP possible.
In its press release praising the opening of the Clark County Shooting Park, the National Shooting Sports Foundation wrote, “We as an industry are thankful to the many legislators at the federal, state and local levels of government who have played a role in helping to develop the CCSP. In particular, we would like to thank Sen. Reid for his outstanding leadership.” [National Shooting Sports Foundation, Press Release, 8/25/09]

Review-Journal Column, Shooting park “is anything but” what people might expect when they “think of a shooting range.”
In an October 2009 column, Doug Nielsen wrote, “When some people think of a shooting range, they have visions of rickety shooting benches and railroad ties pounded into the ground for use as target stands. To these posts they see bits of cardboard attached with targets stapled or taped in place. This facility is anything but that .… Upon entering the park, the first shooting venue is for the shotgun sports. Stretching into the distance from the brown brick clubhouse and its red tile roof are 24 combination trap and skeet fields. The roofs on the upper and lower skeet houses also are red tile. In the parking lot is a long line of RV parking stalls complete with full hookups. Next up are the rifle and pistol ranges, with shooting lines that are covered with a wide, full-length shade canopy that is built to withstand 85 mph winds. Not to mention the shade they provide. Under the canopy are lights for shooting in low-light conditions. Each range is fully lit by lights similar to those at the local park. Heavy-duty shooting benches are provided at the rifle and pistol ranges, with stools of equal quality. Plan on leaving your cardboard box at home because the provided target stands use an in-the-ground system designed for easily moving the stand to various shooting distances.” [Review-Journal, Doug Nielsen Column, 10/29/09]

Reid is a powerful and consistent advocate for Nevadans’ Second Amendment rights
NRA CEO: Reid “is a true champion of the Second Amendment.” In August 2009, the Review-Journal reported that at the opening ceremony for the Clark County Shooting Park, “It was the elder Reid who came loaded with the biggest political weapon, a flattering speech from Wayne LaPierre, chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association, a gun rights organization with 3.5 million members and a $120 million annual budget. ‘He is a true champion of the Second Amendment,’ LaPierre said of Reid.” [Review-Journal, 8/26/09]

NRA CEO: “No one has been a stronger advocate for responsible gun ownership than” Reid. According to an August 2009 press release, “Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association and other NRA members also attended today’s opening ceremony. ‘I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Senator Reid in our fight to protect the Second Amendment,’ LaPierre said. ‘I can tell you no one has been a stronger advocate for responsible gun ownership than him.’” [Reid Press Release, 8/25/09]

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