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OPINION: NV Energy screws ratepayers, pollutes Nevada


Submitted by B Fulkerson

Why am I joining other Nevada consumers in protesting NV Energy, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, this Thursday, April 25, from 11:30-1 p.m. at 6100 Neil Road in Reno? 

Because the utility continues to poison and pollute our state by thwarting a clean energy transition. And because the utility continues to screw ratepayers by making us pay for its mercenary army of fatcat lobbyists, shareholder bonuses and lavish entertainment.

Nevada rooftops aren’t blazoned with solar panels because NV Energy kills every clean energy proposal unless they can profit off of it. 

Here are additional reasons why I’m going and why you should consider joining us:

  • The Nevada legislature passed a weak “community” solar bill in 2019 that placed the program under the umbrella of NV Energy. Five years later, the utility is derelict in its implementation.
  • NV Energy charges us to pay for their lobbyists, and 16 paid lobbyists during the last legislative session.

As someone who has engaged in traditional policy work – advocating for laws and regulations that protect the common good – for 40 years in Nevada, I see that this is getting more difficult as the system is further rigged. Trade associations, dark money networks and others spend untold amounts of money buying politicians who block advances like community and rooftop solar.

Now we must also focus our attention directly on the corporations like NV Energy and Berkshire Hathaway, who are responsible for climate change, high energy burdens and political corruption and put an end to business as usual.

The greatest task of generations alive today is to bring about a rapid end to the burning of fossil fuels, in order to give future generations and our grandchildren a shot at a liveable planet. We can end our dependence on burning things for energy and save our climate in the process.

But only if NV Energy and other fossil fuel criminals who put their profits before our planet get out of our way. Let your voice be heard and join us this Thursday, April 25th, from 11:30-1 pm at 6100 Neil Road in Reno.


B Fulkerson is a 40-year organizer in Nevada and is currently the Lead National Organizer for Third Act, which mobilizes Americans over the age of 60 to protect our climate and democracy.

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