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Nevada needs Cisco Aguilar as our next secretary of state (opinion)


Submitted by Frankie Sue DelPapa

The race for Nevada Secretary of State is one of the most important on this year’s General Election ballot. As a former Secretary of State myself, I am strongly supporting Cisco Aguilar for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that Cisco is so qualified to hold this position.

Someone once said, “democracy is not a spectator sport.” Now more than ever, Nevada needs a Secretary of State who will work hard to protect the integrity and fairness of our election system. Cisco will work tirelessly to guarantee that Nevada’s Election Division provides non-partisan leadership and outreach to not only every other elected official in our state but to every voter.

In addition, Nevada needs a Secretary of State who cares about how business is conducted since every entity, whether large or small, that does business here will in all likelihood have to work with this state office. Cisco’s ideas for making the office more user-friendly, accessible, and cutting-edge are right on point.

Nevada also needs a Secretary of State who supports education. In every speech I have heard by Cisco and every public comment Cisco has made, he has driven home the message that education is critical to Nevada’s future. He has demonstrated his extensive knowledge as to how to make it happen, in part by his experience building a school in one of Las Vegas’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Nevada needs Cisco Aguilar. I respectfully urge every Nevada voter to exercise their fundamental right this election cycle, and in so doing vote for Cisco Aguilar for Secretary of State for Nevada.

Frankie Sue DelPapa is a former three-term Attorney General of Nevada. General Del Papa also served as Nevada Secretary of State and as an elected member of the Board of Regents for the Nevada System of Higher Education. A member of the State Bar of Nevada since 1974, she resides in Reno.

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