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City of Fallon launches virtual walking tours on TravelStorys app (sponsored)


Visitors can now virtually tour The City of Fallon from their own smart devices

The City of Fallon has launched a virtual historical walking tour and an arts & agriculture tour on the TravelStorys app. The tours can be downloaded for free within the TravelStory app and include photos, audio descriptions and an interactive map of The City of Fallon’s historical must-see sights. 

The user-friendly web application allows prospective visitors to “tour” Fallon remotely or to learn about key areas of interest during their visit. This application, designed to speak to the region’s diverse array of drive market visitors, presents users with audiovisual information about Fallon’s historical, recreational, agricultural and cultural attractions –– organized in the form of a number of digitally accessible tours. 

More like a personal guide, TravelStorys works without users looking at their phones – so they can focus on the stories of The City of Fallon as they travel historical landmarks in Fallon, like the Old Post Office, Lawana Theater, and Overland Hotel, or arts & agricultural sights like Lattin Farms, The Fallon Food Hub and Churchill County Museum, all narrated by The City of Fallon’s own Mayor Ken Tedford.

“By using this digital application, we are able to share The City of Fallon with more people than ever,” Mayor Tedford said. “Visitors and those planning to visit can get an idea of what our great city is all about while exploring on their own.”

The two walking tours are the perfect opportunity to get out and explore without having to leave the comfort of your group, car, or even your own home to tour through Fallon. Based on recent data, drive market visitation has increased and visitor’s levels of comfort on traveling in private, personally owned vehicles to locales close to home is more prevalent. 

The application makes it easier for students to learn about the history and culture of Fallon through a virtual experience, and could potentially be used in place of field trips or in addition to summer programs.

The City of Fallon was awarded a Travel Nevada COVID-19 Rural Recovery Grant, which enabled them to provide the new virtual tours. Users can download the TravelStorys application for free at travelstorys.com/app, at the Apple App Store, or on Google Play.

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