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Registration now open for AngelNV investor bootcamp (sponsored)


Workshops support local startups and broaden investing opportunities for experienced and first-time investors

Operated by StartUpNV, a nonprofit statewide incubator and accelerator for Nevada-based startup companies, AngelNV has opened registration for its angel investor bootcamp designed for both first-time and experienced investors. The bootcamp will start Feb. 24 with weekly sessions on angel investing strategies and tactics presented online. Interested investors can sign up and get more information at https://startupnv.org/investor-registration/

Modeled after the highly successful San Diego Angel Conference, AngelNV is building a bridge between entrepreneurs and angel investors by teaching startups how to raise venture capital and advising potential investors on wise investments.

Jeff Saling, executive director of StartUpNV and its AngelNV program stressed that AngelNV investors need not be “super wealthy” to participate and can be at the beginning of their investment journey, such as successful professionals or retirees.

“We want to democratize wealth creation through private company/startup investment opportunities. This enables many people, not just the wealthiest in society, to have the chance to make great returns from a modest $5,000 to $10,000 investment while also helping local startups get off the ground and succeed,” added Saling.

During AngelNV’s upcoming 10-week angel investor bootcamp, participants will learn about the investing process, collaborate with other soon-to-be angels, and leverage experience to mitigate risks. Investor bootcamp participants invest a minimum of $5,000 to the AngelNV Conference Fund, and together, they award a $200,000 investment to one of the six finalists they select from the entrepreneur bootcamp that will be announced at a special Shark Tank-style event later this year.

StartUpNV launched AngelNV this year to foster an angel investment network for Nevada-based startups and attract to the state scalable startup businesses and entrepreneurs with big ideas to build a more diversified and resilient economy. For more information on AngelNV visit: www.angelnv.com.

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