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VIDEOS: Behind the scenes at Saturday’s protests (subscriber edition)

By ThisIsReno
Black Lives Matter protesters in Downtown Reno. Image: Isaac Hoops

Saturday's Black Lives Matter demonstration drew tremendous community discussion. Most agree the rally during the day was peaceful only to later be hijacked by violence. This Is Reno had four people covering both the peaceful protest during the day, as well as the rioting and clashes with police at night. Read the report here.

What follows are various videos we are posting behind our paywall for our subscribers. Some are published elsewhere, but most are not. They represent parts of the story that simply could not be included in yesterday's reporting.

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Tony Contini’s video of the rally

Rally starts

The march to the police station and vandalism

Man wearing MAGA hat gets assaulted

City Hall attacked by rioters video by Lucia Starbuck

Protesters scatter from tear gas

Demonstrators on Virginia Street bridge video by Tyson Falk

Tear gas downtown video by Tyson Falk

Protesters hassle News Channel 2

Police lob tear gas at protesters video by Jeri Davis

Rioters push dumpster into street

Riot squad video by Jeri Davis

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VIDEOS: Behind the scenes at Saturday's protests (subscriber edition)
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