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NDOT notifies small camp of unsheltered individuals they must relocate in a week

By Lucia Starbuck
An NDOT employee passes out a notice to relocate to individuals living in a camp alongside I-80 near the Keystone on-ramp.

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) on Tuesday gave houseless individuals living in a camp a seven-day notice that they must leave the area, and that anything left behind would be thrown away. The small camp is home to a handful of unsheltered individuals, and two dogs, and is located near the eastbound I-80 Keystone Avenue off-ramp in Reno…

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Josh Rubin. Image: Lucia Starbuck
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NDOT notifies small camp of unsheltered individuals they must relocate in a week
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Linda levan June 14, 2020 - 2:34 pm

What about all the “resident homeless” that have taken over 3rd st between washington and vine? They are 15 -20 at times more. They have motorhomes, partial trucks, trailers, tents galore. Have thee items in the street also every piece of ground they can find. After that it goes up and up. They have no consideration for the people driving down that section. It has taken me almost 10 mins to get thru them. They stand in the street, leave car doors open. Walk in front of cars. It is as if they own the place and its a no trespassing area per them. I realize their situation. But come on. We have worked hard too. We pay way too much for rent in the apt.
As a born and raised reno,sparks native i believe that MY RIGHTS are being taken away. I do not feel safe anymore as they do wonder around the parking area and outside the apt building. Even peeing on the building.

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