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PODCAST: Transparency takes a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Bob Conrad
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Domestic violence is on the rise nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic. But are those trends holding true for Washoe County?  Sheriff Darin Balaam tells us they don’t have solid data, but it’s a major concern. He also explains why the pandemic has led to a major reductions in arrests.

Transparency takes a hit

One of the first things to take a hit during an unprecedented pandemic is transparency. Lucia Starbuck interviews media professor Patrick File from the University of Nevada, Reno journalism school about what is happening to the flow of information.

Landlords defy Governor’s directives

Landlords continue to violate Governor Steve Sisolak’s orders. This Is Reno has received complaints from tenants about landlords blatantly ignoring state directives. These include imposing late-fee penalties and threats of eviction, each of which violate the governor’s directives.

Reno council member Naomi Duerr tells us what is happening — and what tenants can do.

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