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REVIEW: Gentrification Causes El Salvador Restaurant to Close (Updated)

By Kyle Young
El Salvador Restaurant
#7 Combination

UPDATE: We've posted a new article about El Savldor's closure here. It has a lot of new information, including plans to reopen in another location.

El Salvador Restaurant has been serving exceptional Salvadoran and Mexican fare in Reno long before the resurgence of Reno's Midtown district. The eatery is scheduled to close its doors to th…

#7 Combination

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REVIEW: Gentrification Causes El Salvador Restaurant to Close (Updated)
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Sarah baker August 13, 2019 - 5:40 am

Wow, the writer reached really far for this one. Property owners do this for many reasons, not just for gentrification so to be writing that like it’s a fact is kinda rude. For all you know, they could have been bad tenants. If they were doing any good, they wouldn’t have a problem moving to another location, but now since the property owner isn’t on board anymore they have to call it quits? Sounds shady.

george alberto ramirez August 13, 2019 - 11:52 am

you are completely assuming things here sarah. how would you know either way if they were good tenants? gentrification is the culprit. as its already been happening in the reno area. get informed.

Tina Hutton August 12, 2019 - 10:40 pm

I think it’s more than a shame that the fine established businesses residents have enjoyed for many years have been getting pushed out because of greed. The cost of any rents in Reno Sparks area is completely outrageous. I’m not opposed to a city face lift but not to the point I don’t recognize my own home town. It’s becoming somebody else’s unaffordable home town. Mad sad

Jacqueline R. Juarez August 12, 2019 - 8:44 pm

Thank you, El Salvador Restaurant, for 20 years of great food and service! My husband and I have been patrons since the restaurant first opened. I think one way we can make our voices be heard is by not going to the new restaurant that is going to open there.

Mario Marquez August 12, 2019 - 7:48 pm

Baya, a pupuseria closes after so long. As I read I think, this place sounds very authentic. Saludos from San Antonio Texas

Tom Stewart August 12, 2019 - 10:53 am

Yet another of our cherished local independently owned businesses is displaced. This is a crisis all over town. If we take a look at other cities across the country that have experienced this you’ll find that the speculators and investors are gutting the personality of the very commercial district they invested in. Large corporate chains become the only businesses left that can pay high rent. Empty store fronts are the result when the investors and chains leave overnight because the connection to the community and profit are gone. Once a vibrant business district becomes a ghost town. Reno City Council must focus on protecting what we already have. Local independently owned longtime businesses that have a real connection to the community they serve.

James Demestihas August 12, 2019 - 12:07 pm

i agree…..i very much prefer the family owned businesses and avoid the chains whenever possible. I hope the landlords cashing in at this time a new tenant that closes due to lack of business. Im all for new businesses but not at the cost of the older ones. Knockdown more derelict motels and build new businesses….but dont kick out the family owned and operated business! The more chains…the less I go to the area. Perfect example….Sparks…..I wont go to legends! Hate that whole center….the parking lots, roundabouts…and chain food establishments….Theres also plenty of room to build for chains from Cold Springs to South Reno…..or better yet go ahead and rejuvenate your property and find a way to have new business and the old in the “new” facility. Join me in my quest of patronizing family businesses whenever possible. Note: I was very recently a thirteen year renter of a home and was just recently gently tossed out (2/4 disabled in home) for reason of to cash in on current housing market….So I know the feeling and at one point was looking at nowhere to go not for lack of trying (sorry you were number 2, there were 11 b4 you, etc…and there’s the application cash cow business- thatll break the applicants bank..just apply for 5 homes thatll run you over $1k for 4 adults with your Pet profiles and applications for 2 pets )….Thanks to Ferrari-Lund office (Cindy Fite) in Sparks for this beautiful new place in the nick of time.

Tommie guy August 12, 2019 - 9:03 am

NOooo! I will miss you El Salvador Restaurant! I’m enjoying the renewed vibrancy of MidTown, but when such a cultural gem such as El Salvador is cut, it makes me pause. I’d much prefer El Salvador in that spot with its authenticity instead of some new,’flash-in-the-pan’ place.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Strome August 12, 2019 - 8:45 am

Here, close to Seattle, we never knew of El Salvador Restaurant in Reno, but would like to wish Owners and Staff Buena Suerte in their new endeavors. We wish we could attend your Farewell party.
You’re food looks delicious !

Elvira Díaz August 11, 2019 - 8:31 am

We are going to miss El Salvador Restaurant thanks for the 20 years of service. Thanks for writing this article let’s go eat some pupilas before there gone.

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