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UNR Asks Regents to OK Gateway Expansion (Subscriber Content)

By John Seelmeyer
Gateway District Rendering: Image: NSHE.

Gateway District Rendering: Image: NSHE.
Gateway District Rendering: Image: NSHE.

The next big steps in the University of Nevada, Reno’s plans for a major expansion of its campus to the south — the so-called “Gateway Precinct” — will be decided by the Nevada Board of Regents at its meeting June 6-7, 2019. The regents will be asked to approve seven separate items that UN…

Gateway District Rendering: Image: NSHE.
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UNR Asks Regents to OK Gateway Expansion (Subscriber Content)
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Kevin Durham May 25, 2019 - 5:02 pm

The placement of the buildings doesn’t make sense. Why is the parking garage on the Lake Street,a dead end street. Why not place on Center Street where there is access to the major streets, 8th,Center and 9th streets Thus avoiding creating more traffic on Center st and 9th sts. Ninth street only has one lane in each direction this will create more traffic clogged streets. Have an entrance and exit on 8th st. With coffee shops,cafes and retail on the 1st floor facing Center St. This would greatly help to create a pedestrian oriented area. On Lake Street, a quite area, place a classroom building.

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