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Reno Photojournalist Studies Abroad at Prestigious Training

By Ty O'Neil
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Ty O'Neil, photographer with ThisisReno.
Ty O’Neil, photographer with ThisisReno.

As some of you may remember I was selected to be one of 25 students in an international photojournalism workshop hosted by the VII photo agency.  Alongside the classes I also received mentorship from an individual who I believe to be one of the greatest living photographers in the world. While for privacy reasons I will withhold their name, I was honored that they took such a vested interest in me and my story.  

I want to say thank you to Reno and the people who believe in the value of photojournalism. Several people donated to a GoFundMe to help me cover the costs of travel, and made it possible for me to attend the classes.       

I especially want to thank Bob Conrad, owner of Thisisreno.com, for giving me the opportunity to work with him. I believe that if it was not for him bringing me on that I would not have become a photojournalist with enough skill to be selected by VII.

I am excited to begin using all that I have learned with the VII agency and my mentor to Reno, Nevada. With that said I want to share a few images of my experience in the VII masterclass.