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Grow Your Business With Personal Development


Image: Brenda Terry

Your success is determined by the level of your personal development.

For your business to grow, you need to grow.

And you also know that what it took to achieve your business and sales success today won’t get you to the next-level success you want.

Maybe you’ve had some big wins in your sales career, but your numbers are flat, and maybe you’re not converting as many prospects as you’d like. You’re not alone. Everybody who’s made a living through sales has been there at least once.

The competition seems to be all around, and it’s fierce. You’re losing business to newcomers—and you just don’t get it—what do they know that you don’t?

You don’t understand why others are so successful and you’re struggling to close a deal.

Logging more hours isn’t the answer. Something in your sales process is going wrong, and you’re stuck.

You want to thrive in your business, make more money, and have time for what matters.

Imagine walking into every sales opportunity with a deep knowing that you’ve got this. Calm and confident, firm handshake, you’re going to close the deal.

Suddenly, you’re profitable and are attracting business. Everything feels easy and natural, and even better, you know you’re making a difference and changing lives.

You’re excited to finally grow and scale your business and enjoy your work again.

You’re ready to increase your sales effectiveness, and close more sales to increase your income.

Imagine, truly having it all. Wildly successful business and happiness in your personal life.

If you’re just beginning your sales career or are a seasoned sales professional, and are ready to elevate your sales and communication skills to an advanced level and close more sales, make more money and achieve massive results, THRIVE In Business & Sales With NLP is for you.

It’s a 3-day training right here in Reno where you’ll learn to sell using NLP techniques, the same sales and communication techniques, tools and strategies used by top performers to succeed and thrive in any market.

You’ll learn:

  • How to communicate with prospects and clients so they’ll hear you, trust you, and feel inspired to commit to the sale
  • A powerful sequential sales model using NLP principles to help skyrocket your sales success
  • How to obliterate objections using precise, powerful, and persuasive language patterns
  • And much more!


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), when applied to business, is one of the most reliable and results-oriented growth tools available. Used by the world’s elite and top performers, these tools can support you on the fast-track to reaching your highest potential.

Using NLP techniques, making sales will be easier than ever before. You’ll learn how to effortlessly inspire people to buy into YOU (not just into what you’re selling) so you can transform your big sales goals into big measurable results.

Finally! The sales success you’ve been after!

Thrive is led by Brenda Terry, a personal development trainer and master coach who works with sales professionals and entrepreneurs who want to master the sales process and achieve big results.

The investment is only $195 and you can enroll here – Thrive In Business and Sales.

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