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REVIEW: “End Days” at Restless Artist’s Theatre


Image: Jake Steinman

“End Days” follows a family of three a few years after the horrific 9/11. Each member has seemed to take a different path of coping. The mother, Sylvia, has found salvation through Christianity and spreading the word of Jesus; the father, Arthur, spends his days sleeping and unmotivated to carry out simple tasks such as grocery shopping; and their daughter, Rachel, has started dressing in black and using mature language.

The three can’t seem to get along since taking their new paths, until goofy neighbor Nelson comes along to help each member overcome their inner demons. 

This is definitely the best production I’ve seen at Restless Artist’s Theatre. The story is amazing and has both humor and emotional scenes. Each actor truly encompassed their character, and I believed the dynamic on stage.

Most impressive are the kids who played Rachel and Nelson. Rachel is played by 17-year-old Abigail Strasmann, and Nelson is played by 15-year-old Colin Unruh.

Image: Jake Steinman

I was shocked when learning their ages after the show. Both did excellent when delivering lines and seemed very experienced. I especially applaud Colin for opening the show in an Elvis costume and serenading the audience with his love song for Rachel. I would not be brave enough to do so, and to think someone as young as him has the confidence to pull that off is something to be celebrated. I sincerely look forward to seeing Abigail and Colin in future productions around Reno.

Of course, the show went with its quirks. Some lines were stuttered, actors spoke over each other at times, and set changes took longer than anticipated at times. However, these come with any performance given and there were really no large errors that I noticed, and nothing took me out of the story.

I was especially impressed by this since I saw the show on opening night, arguably the most nerve-wracking performance these actors will have to give. They all truly did amazing. 

If you were ever to see a show at this theater, I urge all to see “End Days.” It’s a heart-warming story of a family coming back together, and it’s a great show to see with your loved ones. Warning: there is mature language throughout and depictions of smoking/drugs.

Image: Jake Steinman

The Details


Evening Show Dates: 3/22, 3/23, 3/28, 3/29, 3/30 @ 7:30 PM

Matinee Show Date: 3/17, 3/24, 3/31


  • $15 online through rattheatre.org or brownpapertickets.com
  • $20 at the door
  • Senior, student, & military discounts available


  • Judy Davis Rounds as Sylvia
  • Colin Unruh as Nelson
  • Brian Ault as Jesus and Stephen Hawking
  • Don A. Philips as Arthur
  • Abigail Strasmann as Rachel
Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz
Kylie Masznicz is a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where she studied English with a concentration in writing with a minor in Communication Studies. She writes culture pieces for ThisIsReno, but her work has also been featured on Broadway Baby and Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal. Her goal is to write a novel. She enjoys art of all forms, but chooses to express her own creativity through writing, music, and nail art. She also collects Christmas sweaters and has enough to wear one everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years.