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PHOTOS: “A Behanding in Spokane” Delivers Generous Helping of Metacarpus


Story and Photos by Dana Nollsch

A Behanding In Spokane,
“A Behanding In Spokane,” Image: Dana Nollsch

I would suggest we all give Restless Artists’ Theatre Company a hand in celebration of their new production of “A Behanding in Spokane,” but when you go see the play you’ll see why they already have plenty.

This play was written by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh and premiered in 2010.  It’s a dark comedy that brought me to delightful laughter and took me away from my day-to-day challenges.

The lead character is an aged, bitter man with an underlying racial temperament who has been searching for his missing left hand for 27 years. The lead character Carmichael is played by Blair Anthony with a deliberate edge that will draw you in. During the play you may come to understand why this man has been searching for his missing hand for decades.

Carmichael has enlisted the help of a scheming couple, Toby and Marilyn, played by Abel Echeverria and Rachel Steinman.  As their plans unravel, these lovebirds just get deeper and deeper into trouble.

All of this takes place at a hotel that is watched over by Megan, the bored hotel clerk just looking for a bit of excitement, played by Libby Schipper.

Combine all of this with a generous helping of metacarpus and you have a brilliantly funny dark comedy that may test some barriers.

Restless Artists’ Theatre Company is truly community theater at its best in a small, intimate setting.  And this production proves that they are a player in the Reno/Sparks theater scene.

Check out the photos for a taste of what you will see…

For information and show times check out RAT’s website: http://rattheatre.org/

Remember, if you see a performance you think deserves notice nominate them for a Forte Award. The nominations are now open. Here is a link to the Forte Awards website: https://forteawards.com/

Dana Nollsch
Dana Nollschhttp://www.photozen.us
Dana Nollsch is a lifelong Reno area resident. He is a photographer, artist, journalist, and spiritual leader. His work has been seen in many local publications and many national publications as well, award winning for his photojournalism. Dana has a unique eye that shows in his photography and a unique voice that is evident in his writing. His involvement in the local theater and arts community gives him an informed and honest perspective. Owner and operator of PhotoZen he offers his skills and insight to many industries.




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