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Guardianship for Children – Know Your Rights


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The decision to be someone’s guardian is similar to deciding to adopt. In both instances, there are responsibilities and specific legal procedures that must be accounted for.

Becoming someone’s guardian means you have a legal relationship with a minor, where you have certain rights and obligations regarding the child. A guardianship can coexist with the relationship of a biological parent to a child.

Guardians can be changed throughout a child’s life. Several events that may trigger the end of a guardianship or a change in guardianship include: the death of a child, a child reaching age 18 (the legal age of maturity), a judge determines the guardianship is not appropriate or necessary for the child anymore, or a guardian can ask the court to be relieved of his or her duties as a guardian. In most cases, if necessary, the court will appoint the child a new guardian.

An adoption, however, permanently alters the relationship between the child and his or her biological parents. In an adoption, the biological parents give up all rights and obligations, including the fact that the biological parent(s) no longer owe child support, and the child cannot automatically inherit from his or her biological parents.

Although it can be an exciting and fulfilling time changing guardianship or adopting, it can also be a stressful one because it will greatly affect your life and let’s face it, court processes are not easy to navigate on your own.

Winter Street Law Group’s family lawyers help you navigate the complexities that are linked to guardianship cases. Whether you are seeking advice and need someone to represent you in a case between two parents or are working through the adoption process, they have the knowledge and expertise to help.

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