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PHOTOS: New Canula and Good Bellas at Restless Artists’ Theatre


These are two stories that will bring you to tears with laughter.

Some of you have seen New Canula at Bruka Theater’s Biggest Little Theater Festival or in one of the other festivals in Los Angeles or New York. New Canula is a playful and dark one-act play that deals with the emotions of loss and emptiness as two men come together in a most unusual way. This meeting is the start of what may end up being a wonderful friendship.

Good Bellas is the companion piece to New Canula as the second act. Good Bellas follows one element of the New Canula storyline to the apartment of a woman living her life day to day, eagerly taking what comes her way. She gets involved with a mysterious man who brings excitement to her life as her neighbor brings delicious ziti. There is a budding love story in Good Bellas that perhaps will offer another chapter to come?

Both of these plays are written by Gary Cremeans II and from what he told me this is just the beginning of this storyline. The actors draw you in with the characters that they play in such a way that you feel that you know them. It is wonderful to see performances of this caliber on a small stage and in a very intimate environment such as in the Restless Artists’ Theatre.

New Canula and Good Bellas plays this weekend only so get your tickets now.

For more information, check out the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/644451872346577/

Dana Nollsch
Dana Nollschhttp://www.photozen.us
Dana Nollsch is a lifelong Reno area resident. He is a photographer, artist, journalist, and spiritual leader. His work has been seen in many local publications and many national publications as well, award winning for his photojournalism. Dana has a unique eye that shows in his photography and a unique voice that is evident in his writing. His involvement in the local theater and arts community gives him an informed and honest perspective. Owner and operator of PhotoZen he offers his skills and insight to many industries.




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