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Washoe County Library Puts its Collection on Amazon

By Erin Meyering

A free downloadable program called Koios will now let you know if an item you’re viewing on Amazon is available through Washoe County Library System (WCLS). The goal behind providing the community this tool is to help support the library system and help people save money.

“We want people to easily find the library’s resources,” says WCLS Internet Services Librarian John Andrews. “People are already using Amazon to discover new books and authors. Offering Koios to our users brings us closer to our goal of connecting with our users online, where they already are.”

Instead of just being able to search the library’s collection through the library’s website, Koios users can see the availability right on Amazon, as a reminder to borrow instead of buy. WCLS is one of 20 libraries nationwide using the program.

To install Koios (as an extension of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari), visit http://www.koios.co/download.

For details about library services, programs, and hours, visit http://www.washoecountylibrary.us.

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