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Highlights from today’s Reno City Council Meeting



reno-logo-2259262-4916437Today the Reno City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting. Below are some highlights from the meeting.

• Agenda Item F.2
The Council approved to place a stay on the acceptance of any land use applications related to medical marijuana establishments. The stay will allow adequate time for the Health Division of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services to adopt regulations related to the certification of medical marijuana establishments. It will also allow the City of Reno to review those regulations and federal law so as to determine the City policy related to medical marijuana establishments. Today was the first reading for the ordinance amendment. A second reading and final vote will occur at the next Reno City Council Meeting.

During the 2013 Nevada Legislative Session, the Nevada Legislature passed SB374, which establishes a procedure for a person to obtain a registration certificate from the State of Nevada to operate a medical marijuana establishment. SB374 is enabling legislation and does not require the City to take any specific action.

• Agenda Item G.1
Focusing on providing livable neighborhoods and supporting a vibrant economy, the Council voted to amend the Reno Municipal Code to establish the Midtown development and land use standards. The amendments focus on providing a vibrant mixed use neighborhood and creating a pedestrian and bicycle friendly area throughout the District. The amendments establish allowed land uses, density limits, and design standards for both commercial and residential sections, as well as addressing the interface between the two. The commercial section continues to reflect the principles of a transit-oriented development corridor while the residential section reinforces maintaining the existing character with similar densities and a focus on business activity that supports the quality of life of area residents.

• Agenda Item H.1
Further enhancing the “University Town” initiative that falls under their key priority of promoting a sustainable and vibrant economy, the Council voted to adopt a resolution for a proposed lease-to-purchase of a 25,000 square-foot office building, currently owned by the City of Reno, to the University of Nevada, Reno. The City recently relocated its Community Development Department to the City Hall leaving the Sinclair building vacant.

The terms of the proposed agreement call for a 14-year lease with annual payments by the University to the city of $134,900. The office building is located at 450 Sinclair Street in Reno’s emerging “Midtown” district. The building is approximately 1.25 miles from the University’s main campus and three blocks from Reno’s City Hall.

The proposal is a tangible example of the commitment by the City of Reno and the University to collaboratively support the vibrancy and economic health of downtown Reno. The University envisions an opportunity to create a convenient, easy-to-access hub for community and business outreach programs at the facility.

The proposal will return to the Council’s November 20, 2013 meeting for hearing. The proposal must also be approved by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents and is slated for consideration at its Dec. 5-6 meeting.

• Agenda Item J.3
The City of Reno is partnering with The Chamber for the second annual “Buy Local Marketplace” on Saturday, Nov. 23, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 24, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the National Automobile Museum.

Last year, the one day event which was initiated by Reno City Council Member Sharon Zadra had 118 businesses participate and drew a crowd of more than 2,000 holiday shoppers. This year, the event has been expanded to two days supporting growing demand for more shopping and family friendly venues.

Local businesses interested in offering unique goods and services for this two day “one stop” shopping experience, sponsored by Model Dairy, Lotus Radio, Sparks Christian Fellowship and the National Automobile Museum, should contact The Chamber at 775-636-9550 or visit www.thechambernv.org.

The “Buy Local Marketplace” is a proactive and practical approach for connecting local businesses of Reno and Sparks with the buying power of our local community

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