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NV Energy, Moana Nursery partner on Right Tree Right Place demonstration



image003-150x143-9308412-4005857Moana Nursery and NV Energy are partnering in a community campaign to encourage property owners to plant the right tree in the right place to avoid conflicts with power lines that could cause power outages and ensure the tree has a long and healthy life.

As part of a demonstration of Right Tree Right Place, NV Energy is removing three ash trees from the utility right-of-way on nursery property on Moana Lane which have grown dangerously close to power lines. The nursery will be replacing the trees with low-growing varieties that won’t impede the power lines but will still add beauty to the landscape.

“We prune tree limbs out of power lines on a year-round basis,” said Mary Simmons, vice president of external affairs of NV Energy. “Providing safe and reliable power to our customers is our main goal. To help us reach that goal, we encourage property owners to select only low-growing tree varieties, or to plant trees far away from power lines.”

Quality nurseries like Moana Nursery can offer expert advice and a variety of quality trees that are appropriate for every location. “We can help you select the most appropriate varieties that will fit ‘your space’ and won’t grow into power lines, adding beauty to your landscape,” said Christie Gescheider, owner of Moana Nursery.

“Moana Nursery is a good community example of planting the Right Tree in the Right Place,” says Simmons. Tree trimming crews were at Moana Nursery on Monday to begin work on removing the trees. Thereafter, the nursery will plant appropriate trees for a utility right-of-way.

“Fall is the best time to plant trees, as well as shrubs, perennials and spring bulbs,” said Gescheider. “In the fall, the warm soil encourages root growth. That will continue into winter until the ground actually freezes. So fall-planted trees actually have a head start on trees planted in the spring.”

More information about fall planting can be found at http://www.moananursery.com/fb_files/FallPlantingBest.pdf.

NV Energy’s tree trimming policies and practices are detailed at https://www.nvenergy.com/home/safety/treetrimming.cfm.

The significant and varied benefits of trees and plants are compiled here from source data: http://www.moananursery.com/expert-tips-and-info/Multi-Taskers.html.

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