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Highlights from today’s Reno City Council meeting



reno-logo-3009957-3760120Today the Reno City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting. Below are some highlights.

• Agenda Items D.1 and E.2
Joined by the Nevada Wolf Park Marching Band, the Reno City Council presented a check in the amount of $1,000 to the Nevada March Band to help pay for new uniforms. In addition, the Council approved a sponsorship agreement with the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education on behalf of the Associated Students for the University of Nevada in the amount of $5,384 for in-kind services for the Nevada Wolf Pack March from the Arch. The amount will cover a portion of City services (Reno Police and Public Works equipment and personnel) for the event.

The inaugural Nevada Wolf Pack March from the Arch will be held in downtown Reno on October 25, 2013 and will celebrate the University, alumni and their families and the City of Reno. The March from the Arch will feature University homecoming floats, the marching band and various alumni and businesses in the community marching up Virginia Street at 7:30 p.m., to the University quad for a pep rally and lighting of the “Burning Wolf”.

The City of Reno strives to enhance the quality of life for our community by promoting a sustainable and vibrant economy. Supporting and helping grow local special events in the community is just one example of how this goal can be attained.

The Reno City Council encourages and challenges the entire community to participate in Wolf Pack Fridays by wearing UNR clothing on Fridays.

• Agenda Item F.4
Focusing on providing livable neighborhoods and supporting a vibrant economy, the Council voted to move forward with amending the Reno Municipal Code to establish the Midtown development standards. The amendments focus on providing a vibrant mixed use neighborhood and creating a pedestrian and bicycle friendly area throughout the District. The amendments establish allowed land uses, density limits, and design standards for both commercial and residential sections, as well as addressing the interface between the two. The commercial section continues to reflect the principles of a transit-oriented development corridor while the residential section reinforces maintaining the existing character with similar densities and a focus on business activity that supports the quality of life of area residents. A first reading for the ordinance change is scheduled for the October 23 Reno City Council Meeting with a second reading and final vote thereafter.

• Agenda Item J.1
Supporting the city’s strategic goal of providing a sustainable and vibrant economy along with efficient and responsive city services, the City Council approved continuing the combined efforts with the Washoe County and the Washoe County Health District to develop a regional business license and permit program. Additionally, a Letter of Intent was accepted to work towards the implementation of a regional path for an on-line, citizen-centric, and automated/modern solution for regional business licensing and permits. The approval by Council means continued contract negotiations and financing options for the on-line tool, an interlocal agreement between agencies will be developed, and further research on a regional cost recovery mechanism will be conducted.

The collaborative team of Reno, Washoe County and the Washoe County Health District has been working together since its creation in December 2010 to find a regional solution with the vision of “any license or permit, anytime, anywhere” that is responsive to community and business needs, shares resources across the entities, provides substantial savings to each participating entity, enables critical on-line access, and paves the way for other entities to join the shared platform.

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